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Well the NFL draft will be conducted in a virtual format with team personnel working from their homes in a memo to all thirty two NFL teams commissioner Roger Goodell explains group gatherings will not be permitted the draft begins April twenty third the Packers on the thirtieth overall selection in the first round Tom Brady JJ watt and Adrian Peterson among eight unanimous selections to the twenty tends NFL all decade team as announced by the NFL and pro football hall of fame Aaron Rodgers joins Brady in the quarterback category but was not a unanimous selection the other unanimous picks von Miller Donald Joe Thomas Marshall Ganda and Justin Tucker all fall were normal championship would be awarded tonight in men's college basketball the NC double a three weeks removed from the decision to cancel the turn of it before it even started I was scared of what director Jamie Pollard was a member of those meetings I think it's a great active gift on how far we've come in three weeks is when we made that decision Greg get the monumental the money seemed insurmountable and now you look back three weeks later and that the state didn't even seem like it was that big of a deal all the guest of mine on today's power line seventy four five ESPN check out the full interview online at Wisconsin on demand dot com finally done golf is moving forward with a plan that currently includes a schedule for three of the four majors to be played at the PGA championship is now scheduled for August of the U. S. open hope the lift off in early September with the masters scheduled from November twelfth through the fifteenth the British open will not take place in twenty twenty and as for now the Ryder Cup still scheduled for the end of September boy Greg it's going to be strange to think about out of all of that and of all the things that have moved the one that really strikes me is the masters with the azaleas in the in the cool temperatures in the morning when it's usually played in Augusta now it's going to be in thanksgiving that's just really weird to think about it it really really isn't it it seems like to me John golf is the one sport that you think about all the major sports that we get to watch golf might be the one that looks most similar to what normal golf looks like they may not have a gallery or fans of golfers might even appreciate that to some degree but I feel like with golf you can stick a little closer to normal I feel like all the other sports circuit a little quite a bit different once they do resume it is interesting because Rory McElroy and some of the top players were early on very vocal in saying that we need to shut it down we need to test we need to do this and that so once they get rolling it'll be fun to watch out plays out he added that there are those first two tournaments get off the ground majors I think that bodes very well for the Ryder Cup at the end of September it is four forty eight at W. T. M. J. the governor says he will move the election from tomorrow till June Republicans say that's a terrible idea Jim Steineke either Majority Leader in the Wisconsin assembly is schedule to join us up next right here on W. T. M. J. the stories that matter to.

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