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It where anytime you deal with a wedding or a funeral, like the price of anything like a flowers flower arrangement, it basically triples and you're burning pet crematorium the whole pitches. This pets been a part of your life for ten, twelve years in your kids grew up at the pet, or you really just gonna bury fluffy out back. You're not gonna have any closure. Your kids are gonna be screwed up for life. You're gonna be paying for it in psychology psychiatry. No, I I mean, you can. You can get people in the obviously the up sell and and then you get into these these strange dynamics where if you do care that you're, you're lifelong pet gets put in the oven with five other pets, or do you want the oven to only fire your pet? Do you want mixed ashes or not mixed ashes? Do you? I mean, do you know the alternative is one of these places that we talk. To at one point said, you know what happens to at veterinarians, like it varies, but like a one hundred ten pound dog like you have to do something with that. And so you know, there's only so many things you can do with that dog and none of them are pretty. And so you know, there's a lot of like closure cleanliness, so margins are enormous. And the start up costs are a storefront or nothing. Pretty amazing. How many ways they're out to make money. I love it. I love it. Yeah, that that's, that's my favorite part of my job is we get to see the most interesting business models and and just really interesting people that we get to that we get to work with. So let's talk a little bit about briefly the history of the permanent equity fund itself and sort of the early advantages that you're seeing changing from really just doing what you do with your own capital to having a significantly larger committed pool of equity capital. I'm always interested by how that affects everything else that you do, and it's something that's obviously relevant for anyone out there. That's beginning something on their own. And potentially scaling that up. So maybe from your perspective, tell the story and you're thinking around moving from one to the other and sort of the early observations or returns on that decision. So I think that maybe start at the end, I the big difference we've seen as access to people. We have some incredible investors may obviously you and your family are are one of them in full disclosure. We brought.

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