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Picks. Can we find one with pick thirty three. Yeah i think is a nice big because this player would be able to rotate anywhere. Kahlon chason josh ellen. How about joe. Trying on from washington man. Long rangy handed does a great job of getting to the quarterback. They need more bodies more stable than they can unleash to get after the quarterback. He is one that will certainly help them improve their sack numbers and their overall ability to quarterback. I saw a picture of him. The other day on on social media wants to instagram at dude. That dude as a brick house he is big anna physical power rusher off the edge. I think would be a nice complement to more that speed. Rusher that you have there with josh allen. His ability to drop coverage. Josh allen is well i think they complement each other. Quite well So that's how we've tried to address the engine of this team buck. Through the draft of those first three picks obviously left more options later on the draft to address some more of these needs. But let's jump onto the add ons here. This is what we can do through free agency to try and add onto this vehicle We've got a couple players form. We think that will help including a player at a position. That's the quarterbacks best friend and that's tight end yes. They haven't had a big time tight end since mercedes lewis and they need someone that can really control the middle of fuel how. 'bout hunter henry coming over from the charges to give them that security blanket in the passing game trevor lawrence. They have weapons on the outside. But you wanna make the easy throw right over. The middle hundred. Henry can do that. Any row runner good blocker in the run game. He gives them a veteran presence. And so i think he would be nice security blanket for trevor lawrence. Says he active national football league. All right. we've talked about fixing the engine there at the top with trevor lawrence with the first overall pick. I don't know this would be like engine maintenance with this next free agent addition hair. Explain this one. Here are second ad on buck. Alex smith is going to be released from the washington football team. So when i think about being out there and available He certainly fist criteria. He played for urban meyer. At university of trim. Balki is familiar with them during their time. Together with the san francisco forty niners and then all of the things. That we've heard young. Quarterbacks talk about the advice and the mentoring that alex smith different them. I colin kaepernick. Dan patrick mahomes. Even the young quarterbacks in the room for the washington football team raved about alex smith. Who better to bring to jacksonville. The hip trevor lawrence really to the nfl game. Then a guy who was a former number one overall pick who has been through the ups and downs. Who also knows your head coach and the coaching coach wants to implement. I think this is a no brainer. Alex smith really great fit for the jacksonville jaguars at alex. Smith might be trying to find his way somewhere where he's guaranteed a starting position. I think if trevor lawrence were to show up and show that. He's ready to play. Alex smith would have to be waiting in the wings but man. If you're the jags wanna bring him in and just say whatever you did with. Patrick mahomes Do that right here with trevor lawrence. Whatever that was. We'll take it there you have. There's some some add ons here to finally the last category. We've got an upgrade. We're gonna upgrade vehicle. A little bit here was something we already have. And that's viscous chenault one more next gen stats powered by amazon web services. Here six point four yards per target for laviska. Shenault it last year. That was the fourth lowest among white outs who had seventy five plus targets. Now he did some really good things with the ball when they got it to him. Underneath after the catch is go to break tackles. Make people miss. I love that side of his game book. You can line them up in the backfield. We know that. But this is a guy go back to colorado. He made a lot of place down the field. Fifty fifty balls vertical routes. I didn't think they really incorporated him as much in that area. And i would think going forward with trevor lawrence man. Getting more of a vertical attack viscous chenault could be a big part of that. I think he will be a big part of and if you go back and track. Herb reminds history. He is always had one of these players in his office going. Back to florida percy. Harvard played in their role parris campbell. Curtis samuel those guys are dynamic. Playmakers office weapons guys that you can get the ball to. I think he has to be a more integral part of the game plan. The viscous should know should be utilized and really maximize because he does have the ability to put the ball into pain. He's a special player. Man as you can see what we just did here. In the body shop today. It's going to be a big offseason for urban. Meyer in the jacksonville jaguars. They've got to go out. They've got a nail the draft. They've got to bring in some quality free agents. They've got the most cap room of anybody's. They've got money to bring in guys on the veteran side. They've got a lot of picks to upgrade roster as well and let's see if they can maximize the talent that they already have. There are some good pieces in place there for the jags. Well as i mentioned. We're going to be doing this throughout the spring. Your team didn't make the playoffs. We're going to try and take you into the body shop and see if we can't get your fixed be on the lookout next week. Because we're going to bring the new york jets into the move the sticks body shop and see if we can't fix this clunker but the car needs a lot of work and we're going to see if we can help the jets out next week as we continue on with. Move the sticks present castrol edge. He scored an incredible seventy five total touchdowns during his ten year. Career in the national football league also caught five hundred fifty four balls over fourteen thousand total yards. I could go on. And on with all the numbers that matt forte put up during his decade-long career in the national football league we could not be anymore excited to have him join us today on the show. Matt we appreciate you taking some time for us today. Man how you doing. I'm doing well. I appreciate you guys asked me well. We're excited to have you man. We've got something we're gonna do today. We're going to try this thing out here because we're always doing comparisons in the scouting game. You're always comparing players. Which is gonna lead us to our pro on prospect feature today and we're going to be taking a look one of the top running backs in this year's draft class that's najah harass you see. The same number of their with matt forte the double deuce big physical backs but also very athletic and matt. We want to kind of take you through some of the things that you did. Well Talk about you know what it was that made you excel in those areas and then give you a little bit of tape here on what you think i want to start with. You catching the football. Your value in the passing game is something that everybody around the league appreciate it. I mentioned the numbers. Five hundred fifty four catches four thousand. Six hundred and seventy two yards. Was it that made you so effective as a receiver in this league. Say just that. I wanted to be all well rounded running back. You know every down back. They won't have to come up field on third down. And i know how important protecting quarterback is so being able to pick up. Blitzes and read defenses is important and that was one of the main things that Kind of sparked me towards being every down back and then also that You can get mismatches on on guys like linebackers and safeties if you knew how to run routes like the receivers run and if you have good hands it so it's really a lot of times like a screen play or swing. Pass those or extend the handles but if you can extend that beyond the short intermediate passes angle downfield on slants and different things like that.

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