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I think what they <Speech_Male> might be doing is measuring <Speech_Male> clicks instead of measuring <Speech_Male> actual <Speech_Male> on page impressions <Speech_Male> because their own tracking <Speech_Male> sex. <Speech_Male> But because we <Speech_Male> trang data. <Speech_Male> And because i can see <Speech_Male> that in multiple areas <Speech_Male> across <Speech_Male> multiple clients <Speech_Male> i can be confident <Speech_Male> in that assertion <Speech_Male> and if i'm proven wrong <Speech_Male> that's fine because at least <Speech_Male> i can say this is how <Speech_Male> i reached this conclusion and <Speech_Male> whatever it was you know maybe a <Speech_Male> software engineer can explain <Silence> <Advertisement> to me why. I'm an idiot <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> but <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> i think that for <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> clients that's what you <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> wanna hear. You <SpeakerChange> wanna hear the <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> confidence in your <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> agency's ability to <Speech_Male> be able to <Speech_Male> see the truth <Speech_Male> and the tracking <Speech_Male> the reporting. <SpeakerChange> That's the <Speech_Male> truth. <Speech_Male> While <Speech_Male> said well <Speech_Male> at least <Speech_Male> i mean that's never going <Speech_Male> to equal perfectly. <Speech_Male> It's never going <Speech_Male> to be perfect especially <Speech_Male> in this. This <Speech_Male> new age of <Speech_Male> of lessened <Speech_Male> visibility <Speech_Male> to say the least <Speech_Male> but the point is is like <Speech_Male> you have to have <Speech_Male> an agency <Speech_Male> that can speak to you <Speech_Male> in an educated way <Speech_Male> about it. And hopefully <Speech_Male> we've given you some <Speech_Male> pointers <Speech_Male> here on this particular <Speech_Male> section. I think <Speech_Male> we could probably go <Speech_Male> through about five or <Speech_Male> six other specific <Speech_Male> points. We might have <Speech_Male> to do a part to <Speech_Male> or on this <Speech_Male> because there is a <Speech_Male> lot to it. But <Speech_Male> i think the first <Speech_Male> section here <Speech_Male> is super important. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> obviously <Speech_Male> you know if you're looking <Speech_Male> for <Speech_Male> an agency <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> you're a marketing <Speech_Male> agency or anyone for <Speech_Male> that matter who is <Speech_Male> going to help you scale <Speech_Male> and grow. I think what <Speech_Male> we've mentioned. Here are some <Speech_Male> pretty salient <Speech_Male> points. <Speech_Male> I mean <Speech_Male> we're drawing on <Speech_Male> experience from what we <Speech_Male> do right now <Speech_Male> so if you think. <Speech_Male> This is just a self serving <Silence> episode. Well <Speech_Male> maybe <Speech_Male> it is. Maybe it isn't <Speech_Male> but the point is <Speech_Male> like that's what we know <Speech_Male> and we do see it all <Speech_Male> the time at <Speech_Male> the end of the day. I mean <Speech_Male> we're really in this. You <Speech_Male> and i are in this <Speech_Male> a surly that just make <Speech_Male> gazillions of dollars. <Speech_Male> It's actually to help. <Speech_Male> Scaling grow really <Speech_Male> cool businesses. <Speech_Male> That want <Speech_Male> to do some pretty awesome <Speech_Male> things. And i think <Speech_Male> that's the big part <Speech_Male> of this and <Speech_Male> we see a <Speech_Male> lot of mistakes that are made <Speech_Male> out there. A lot of charlatans <Silence> in this space <Speech_Male> guys <Speech_Male> and beware <Speech_Male> of them so <Speech_Male> certainly go back through this <Speech_Male> episode here <Speech_Male> and check <Speech_Male> some boxes <Speech_Male> it will have more resources <Speech_Male> and probably a part <Speech_Male> to here on <Speech_Male> how to pick the ideal <Speech_Male> marketing agency <Speech_Male> between the two <Speech_Male> of us so <Speech_Male> any parting words <Speech_Male> for pt <Silence> listeners. <SpeakerChange> Qassem <Speech_Male> yeah <Speech_Male> say that you can't <Speech_Male> afford an agency. Don't <Speech_Male> do it if it's <Speech_Male> a stretch in <Silence> if you're concerned financially <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> then it's probably <SpeakerChange> premature <Speech_Male> if it's <Speech_Male> your last check <Speech_Male> that you right <Speech_Male> don't do it <Speech_Male> seriously <Speech_Male> like <Speech_Male> learn yourself. I <Speech_Male> couldn't agree more <Speech_Male> like <Speech_Male> if that isn't a non <Speech_Male> shelly <Speech_Male> thing <Speech_Male> like we've we've had <Speech_Male> many <Speech_Male> discovery <Speech_Male> calls you <Speech_Male> guys don't need us <Speech_Male> like just go. Spend <Speech_Male> like ten to twenty <Speech_Male> dollars a day and test <Speech_Male> this thing out on facebook. <Speech_Male> Take the <Speech_Male> Here i'll give you my course <Speech_Male> for free. Go figure <Speech_Male> it out for yourself <Speech_Male> then come back <Speech_Male> to me in six months. They usually <Speech_Male> never come back. Which is <Silence> which is fine. <Speech_Male> You know maybe they <Speech_Male> didn't have an offer that were <Speech_Male> converted or whatever <Speech_Male> it happens to be but <Speech_Male> the alas taller <Speech_Male> for christ's sake <Speech_Male> like figure it out on your <Speech_Male> own. Lots of training <Speech_Male> out there. We'll leave <Speech_Male> lincoln the show notes <Speech_Male> but yeah <Speech_Male> well said so <Speech_Male> for all <Speech_Male> the resources <Speech_Male> that we mentioned

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