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Go. Wherever you go. Whatever you do always. Man was arrested after he allegedly rubbed his buttocks. Produce produce Virginia grocery store, which produce Pacific, according to Manassas city police on NASA. Putting the ass and produce us Las prevention employees at giant grocery store reported that the man pulled down his pants. And rubbed fruit items on his buttocks before returning them to the shelves that nice officers responded to the store and arrested Twenty-seven-year-old Michael Dwayne Johnson. Indecent exposure and destruction of property. Police said the store was forced to destroy a number of pallets of merchandise. Zolt worth valid survived. Those was you don't eat the hall. Yeah. So you're saying, it's okay. Miss pat. You don't wanna make a sell out of a cucumber that's been to third base? If you will. You're not gonna eat the key enough accu- calmer. All right. So if it were bananas, you'd be okay with it. You know, I wouldn't throw away Owen is because you wipe your butt. How would? Germophobic, but free, strawberries. You got to put the whole strawberry in your mouth. I wanted to radiating machine at my house, something you can put stuff in the end. It kills all of the what is radiating invented sound like a Michael Jackson to radiation machine. Irradiation? Okay. That's disgusting. Rubbing the fruit on why did it some people take fruit Tabet? I'm sorry. Use it for sexual things. Have you ever done that bad? No, I like my calories along..

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