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A hundred twenty nine dollars whatever you need for this job and everyone after do it right for less start with looks of about eleven years only your money on WGN the Dow Jones industrial average down twenty eight points so far today the nasdaq leading the way down sixty two and the S. and P. five hundred down about twelve WGN sports the white Sox are hosting open this afternoon they're just getting under way it guaranteed rate field the cubs art Cincinnati this evening now look at traffic in traffic central Houston to self kind of a lot of things going on out there already this afternoon the Kennedy express lanes inbound and division an accident just been reported up on the north side hall said street just I'm division street that is others another accident to look out for and up on the north west side Hagens just west of East River Road a gas leak a level one hazmat response in that area on the southwest side structure fire at central and forty seventh street in out in payloads health well greens road southbound at one hundred eleven street another accident now this outside the city cottage Grove Avenue both directions between seventy eight and seventy nine street is closed due to the funeral procession for U. S. army specialist Michael Mann's that came from midway airport this morning that's gonna be held it leaks and sons funeral home so that area is closed down for the procession personalize traffic and may get the traffic Chicago approved by the mortgage experts of team Hochberg just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago Jenny cellphone WGN traffic center forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center sunny warm pleasant today will go up to around eighty one degrees for a high sixty one the low tonight and a nice weekend partly to mostly sunny tomorrow eighty.

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