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It's June nineteen eighteen seventy eight and inside the British embassy in Washington DC. Boeing sales chief techs bouillon is plotting a billion dollars strike at Airbus but to succeed. Lead this Slick Square Jawed Boeing executive must win over the man across the breakfast table British Prime Minister James Callaghan Callahan's Alejandra prickly man whose eyebrows seem fixed into a permanent scowl. Mr Bouillon. Please call me. Tech's Mr Bouillon. This offer to have British Aerospace make the wings of Boeing's next airplane. Is it genuine. Some feel it's not billions eyes widen in surprise. I can tell you it's very much genuine. It's expensive and risky to make new airplanes in our interest to partner with British Aerospace to produce the wings and this gives the U. K. a pivotal role in creating the seven sixty seven. But Callahan knows there's more this offer. Why would Boeing wing approach British Aerospace which already makes wings for Airbus sure Boeing's promising to invest a billion dollars in the UK but if Callahan accepts British British relations with France in West Germany will be seriously damaged? British Aerospace won't be happy either it wants to rejoin Airbus as a partner list of Bouillon. British Aerospace is more than a production line. It should have a role in selling this seven. Sixty seven prime minister Boeing. Boeing has the best aircraft sales team in the world with all due respect. Sir We don't need help from British airspace. Well then you offer offer is too low. The prices fair British Aerospace just needs to be more efficient. We could help raise their game. Callahan Mahan Arches and eyebrow nerve of Bouillon. He's treating Callahan like the leader of some Third World country. Well this has been informative. Mr Boolean show considerable things off of further. Callahan gets up to leave. But he's already made his choice. Two months later Britain rejects Boeing's deal and buys it's way back into Airbus Boeing's attempt to pull the wings off Airbus his failed so now it's time for plan B. Do whatever it takes to shut the European upstart out of the marketplace from wondering. I'm David Brown. And and this is business wars.

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