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Will have some fabulous repurposed. Programming that you may not have heard. Or if you heard, I guarantee you dazzled you before and will entertain you again. So that's what we'll be here on Monday, And as far as the podcast goes, I'm putting together a special memorial Day podcast. One of the interviews I just did yesterday because I hadn't even really considered it until We did it fast, Eddie. Found a historian who wrote about Apollo one. 19 sixties. Seven. I think it was. Yeah, I Did not know that story. Very well. The story of Gus Grissom. I guess I knew of the explosion during training that killed these. Astronauts and training. I didn't really know the back story. It was a fascinating interview unto itself. But it wasn't you know, it's kind of a proposed nothing but it made me realize that so many of the men and women who have Going into the space program. Some who have lost their lives are, in fact, military men and women. So you know, on a day like Memorial Day, they certainly are just as deserving of remembrances as any other. It seems to me and I hadn't really ever considered it. Frankly, until this interview, I think you'll enjoy it. But during the interview, I started to talk to this guy. Said. Hey, while I've got you because he's a space enthusiast, I said, I just kind of ask you because I've noticed guys like Tucker Carlson are doing a lot of it. Lately. And it's I'm not. I'm not passing any kind of judgment. I'm not saying anything about any of it. Other than I'm just noticing it's out there. There has been real heightened discussion. Of alien. UFO. Well as I should say alien. Unidentified flying object UFO sightings and I'm hearing Maura and Maura and Maura about His tape of this and testimony of this and This ex pilot or this ex member of the military has come forward now to say Oh, yes, yes, Yes, We're sitting on mountains and mountains and mountains of footage of UFO's The government is sitting on mountains and mountains. Mounds of you. This is so prevalent a topic now. You know, our friend Dan Bongino launched his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday, and he had Donald Trump as his first guest. He asked former President Trump about UFO's Wow, I'm not kidding. Now Trump quickly. Kind of moved. Hey, didn't want much to do with it. He goes Well, I don't You know, I'm gonna Hmm, You could tell Trump. I couldn't tell whether Trump was like I don't want to talk about it. Or I know stuff. I don't want to tell you. It felt more the former than the ladder. Not like I know stuff. I don't want to tell you. It was more like, Look, I get it. You know, people bar into this thing. I'm not, you know. I don't want to castigate anybody for believing in it. I'm not really going to give you a lot of time about it. I'm just gonna tell you a lot of people. No, That's why we started space for Stan. Well, right, then the space force that and remember when Newt Gingrich ran for president. I'd talk with this gentleman about this in the interview, too. This guy says Newt constantly run around, saying he wants to colonize the moon and I won't lie. It made me laugh every time, he said it Is it just sounded loony to me Colonize the moon. But Newt Gingrich is one of the smartest people I know. Period that I wouldn't I couldn't Couldn't carry Newt Gingrich's briefcase. So how dare I chuckle at a very serious man like Newt Gingrich suggesting we should colonize the moon? How dare I have no right to laugh at him. He sees something. He has a vision that I just don't This historian I interviewed he said. Well, yeah, I mean, Obviously being first and getting you know, in becoming influential in that place. Being another planet. Be it space generally if we don't win those races Hostile nations will so From a national security perspective, If nothing else, it's important that we engage. And so of course, that makes sense. But broadly speaking, I guess I'll just ask this audience because you're the smartest, most thoughtful People that I know. And I mean that I trust you implicitly. I lean on you is judge and jury all the time on things that I Have a very, very smart friend that I lean on for lots of opinions, and I I asked him. In fact, just last week, I think on the text, I go. What What is all this talk about UFO's lately? Is this real or is this sensational? He said. There's a lot of very credible people coming forward. Now to say these they know these things, and this is what they see. I said, Well, is this Is this a thing? That lots of, um it again? I just don't know, because my world view is Relegated to, uh Kid's sports and You know my dog for the most part, so there's just not a lot of time to do a lot of extracurricular things. Besides read the headlines of the day. Is there high interest in heavy belief? In UFO's in this country. And is this something that I mean? I know I have a colleague or did have a colleague. Who did overnight radio for years and years and years, called coast to coast Am with George Noory. His show from midnight to five. A.m. was almost exclusively talk of UFO's And then I would have to come in. At six o'clock and start doing a show following the UFO show. And so you went through about an hour where guys were calling in Confused that I wanted to pivot into the news of the day and not talk about UFO's and Bigfoot anymore. So I know there's a window for it. Believe me, I know there's an audience for it. I just don't know how Fast That is, and I don't know how on.

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