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ABC news Hey guys our top story truckers from around Oregon arrived at the state capitol in Salem tomorrow to show their opposition to the captain past climate change bill that's Peter Murphy says travelers need to know the highways and freeways we'll be a little more crowded they can plan in advance of it's going to take more time to get down to five or across the state or whatever it might be two lane highways can experience delays Murphy says you might want to give yourself some extra time if you're taking on the highways across the cascades says gives or the coast range the truckers were opposed to the climate change bill because of a result in higher fuel prices at outside investigation of mercy core's handling of child sex abuse claims against one of its co founders is now complete eleven ninety K. X.'s Gail Cunningham's following developments the firm vestry lake concluded that the international relief agencies leaders mis handled the case of get stills were call for the nineteen nineties and a re examination of the case in twenty eighteen the review follows in Oregon live investigation showing executives allowed Culver to remain in the top position despite credible claims that he sexually abused his daughter Tania Culver Humphrey cover denied the allegations and was never charged with a crime he died in two thousand five among the report's recommendations that mercy corps higher chief ethics officer and investigate whether Culver abused others during a legislature is considering a bill that would add a ten dollar fee to the cost of a mattress eleven I can't yes as Michael desman explains house bill fifteen sixty four would set up mattress disposal sites around organ and add a ten dollar fee to the cost of a new mattress fox Oscar over the international sleep products association says they are okay with the bell but not the amendments in counties with populations over ten thousand we'd have to have at least one site and that site would have to be open at least one day a week and this would change it to six days a week if passed the measure would cost the state over three hundred thousand dollars that's live in any case yes is Michael Desmond I brand for news radio eleven ninety K. E. acts performed not only affects.

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