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Percent for the free throw line that seventh best in the nba scored fifteen or more in eighteen twenty five games second free throw that was good yeah the nuggets lead it by three hundred fifty one to forty eight draw chaz and on the high side olmec flip back to draw draw get started by paul millsap says murray guarding olmec they feed them in the low block he starts backing down murray and the paint turnaround hook shot is up and in their got burned on the switch there that's all leaders at one fifty two fifty jamal mary has it on the left side over the millsap bill sap guarded out there by james johnson's does it off to a cutting murray gets down the lane leans bank shot no good late whistle and a foul called on kelly olmec wow a tough was aware second foul on all we can hear them complaining all the way up here jamal murray right back at the free throw line here for denver first one is on the way out we'll barton comes out and devin harris will let me harris will barton comes in one more free throw here for jamal nuri second free throws all the way in that what is good in the nuggets leader by three fifty three to fifty goran drugs being picked up by murray the length of the floor here feels off to the high left side throws it over the whole nick who straddles the three point line only hands off behind in ellington head on the three back to download by yokich throws out of it on top to james johns travel all the layup is up in in wow how did they miss that one fifty three to fifty two nuggets leader by one yoga chaz it on the elbow murray very nice his way great pass around the.

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