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Indoor service at bars can start again, but capacity Still, captain 25%. Alcohol can't be served after 11 and indoor table service must stop at midnight. Also today, Region seven, which is will and Kinga key counties are interact to move into face for as well. No word on any suspects in a shooting along the Dan Ryan Expressway yesterday afternoon, the inbound lanes at 63rd Street were closed down, while Illinois state police comes through the snow for any shell casings or evidence. At least one person was hurt and taken to the hospital, its own known if there are other victims. Gun dealers in the Chicago area say they're seeing record sales since the right in Washington, D. C on January 6 more from WGN spot Kessler. Gun store owners tell The Sun Times, January was one of their busiest months ever. Illinois State Police haven't yet released figures on gun purchases, but did say they've seen an increase in background checks required for gun sales. One dealer say sales went up following the rights in the U. S. Capitol on January 6th and they've been driven by fears of weapons bans and purchase limits with the Biden administration sales had already been up since the start of the pandemic. Odd Kessler. WGN News, A local activist group held a rally at McKinley Park on the South side yesterday to bring awareness to housing insecurity and homelessness brought on by the Koven 18 pandemic. Patrick McWilliams spoke on behalf of the answer coalition. Now the solution is clear. The government must cancel rents mortgages and provide housing right now. Down in central Illinois, A class ring is returned after being missing for five decades in Pekin. Jennifer Faulkner was passing up, was packing up to move when she found a ring that her family has held onto. She posted a picture on Facebook, and within a few hours the original owner had been found. 71 year old barbed, Cramer knew the ring was hers. I was shocked. Didn't figure I'd ever see it again. Well in high school, she had given it to a boy She liked to Kramer said she thought she was in love. Her parents weren't pleased. But now, 50 years later, she has her ring back. WGN Sports. The Blackhawks beat Columbus 3 to 1. They host Carolina tomorrow. The pregame a Chris Boden at 6 30 the face of that seven with John White Hymen and Troy Murray. 7 20 w g. M and w jen radio dot com. In college basketball, Rutgers beat Northwestern Little A beat Missouri State Drake beat Illinois State Your forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center here's meteorologist Mike Johnson. All caused decreased.

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