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I was fine that was with the theme actually did actually did that that was friday let's just do tom drowsy those during the duck series shoot him out up to the ducks do when they when they when they score the duck fans that's that's what they do what a sharks fans that song there the ducks are sharks have one i know that i know they do i deci i the only ones i know are anaheim in chicago know chicago i know anaheim other teams might have them as well but again the bro hymn song from pennywise the chargers did it to in san diego i don't know if they do it i don't even know of home depot center has a sound system no idea okay marcus thompson you got a dime we got a glass here we go it we get a beer we have a glass it makes less sense because now you don't get a glass of beer in cleveland you gotta probably cup of beer for a dime that makes sense time we gotta glass probably can give you a glass for a dime a sad when you can't even remember i said i have no idea that doesn't have a time stamp on it doesn't that's crazy we have timestamps on everything interesting we can't take this guy real quick let's go he wants to talk about demolition is the only time we're gonna talk about on all right john you've got under a minute that's according to be smith welcome go thank you just want to say that the leptin jerry steve doll a sort of a person like howard stern was a big part of that demolition demolition disco and it was in chicago right disco demolition night it was just i was a kid in high school and it was just the most fantastic thing being like a rush fan led zeppelin fan and all that they busted a bunch of albums right isn't that what it was they delayed the game and they'd be stopped the game altogether they do that here i was a big skeeve doll fan and i would like you guys i am addicted you guys you are the best in sports radio that is not true but we appreciated john get dad job.

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