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We had our most prospect a week a couple of weeks ago. There could be guys that I have at 45, and normally we're pretty good, like the standard deviations four or 5 picks. You could have a guy that's 45 or 50 on your board going late first. There could be some franchises like we're not doing this whole like freshman pre draft thing. Get me the older guy, get me, we'll take Jordan hall. We'll take Julian's champagne. We'll take even Justin Lewis, who's a sophomore, like guys who have been around the block, just like a little bit more than we're going to roll the dice with Blake Wesley, or a minimum, or even Kennedy Chandler. There's just, I don't know how this plays out. Turquoise on Smith in conference this year is averaging 17 points shooting 42% from the field 39% from three, four rebounds to assist in two steals. Like most years, like that is probably a one and done player. Statistically, is a freshman when you do that. He's just so physically underdeveloped that it's hard to say like this guy should go pro. You know what I mean? Like if he returns then he state next year he's probably average in 22 a game. Like pretty easily, I think. So he's very talented. It's just like, I don't think he should leave college. I do want before we go. I want to recognize a couple of small school players. Just for funsies, you know? Sure. We haven't talked at all about Tevin Brown this year at Murray state. He's good. He's really good. He is the best player on a really good team. Like a team that's 26 and two, and very much a threat to make the sweet 16 this year at Murray state. Tevin Brown is shooting 39 percent from three this season. He is a consistent knock down shooter at like 6 foot 6. I'm a big fan. I think that he probably look, I don't know if I want to say probably gets taken in the second round. But I think he is a real shot to get taken in the second round. He's averaged 17 points, 5 rebounds, three assists versus under two turnovers a game while shooting 39% on 8 three pointers a game. I think he has a real shot to go in the first round. He's a good man. The second round. I'm sorry. But he's a march name too. He's not going to sneak up on us because we've watched him and followed him and we said how much we'd like to watch him play for a lot of scouts. They do the work. They go there. But when you're on a bigger elevated stage playing against time major guys and you get to the second weekend, that's when the eyeballs get a little bit bigger and you say, hey, he's really doing it against maybe other first round or second round picks. And it's an easier comparison when those two teams are playing. And another guy I want to bring up is Tucker de vries. Drake, he's playing for his dad, Darien debris. He is awesome..

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