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To go check it out. Some students locally among every county will be able to take the APF working American study course next fall and superintendent monifa mcknight tells WTO P this morning it should help students she thinks understand how they see themselves in history. I am a big proponent of African American studies being supported and in our schools and in our school systems. That's superintendent monifa mcknight, who says their significant value in offering the AP class that's been scrutinized nationally. Educating our student is our primary responsibility and to honestly educate them, speaks to who we are. Ten Montgomery county schools are expected to offer the class next year, but a list is still being finalized. The course curriculum is still under review in Virginia to see if it includes any divisive concepts. Critics argue that course will indoctrinate kids, but for mcknight. Written that show in transparency and what we teach them, then why should they believe in it? Scott gelman, WTO P news. Fairfax county schools are getting rid of a test question and a college level social studies course. We hear this morning. It's multiple choice and our students to equate liberals and conservatives with particular categories of people, they are controversial, potential answers for liberals include young white males and middle aged urban lesbians answers for conservative include southern male migrant laborer and Catholic Midwestern middle aged male. Now Rory Cooper is a fairfax county school parent of three kids. He says this test was useless. Students who took this test don't appear to be any closer to understanding what that spectrum of issues and policy thinking are, critics say the online AP government class is indicative of a liberal bias to assign ideologies to specific demographics. Two O 7

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