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Your gut, follow your convictions, lead this team very well, support those coaches. First thing he's got to do is figure out who's going to call the plays on offense. Exactly. Just fired their offensive coordinator. Offensive coordinate is not there. The guy who called the plays is not there. Nobody on the staff has called plays an NFL game. So that's the first thing you've got to come up with. And then you've got to support that and say, who we're going to be and what are we going to be and how are we going to do this? And he'll do well, but it's a very, very tough situation. I wouldn't wish this situation on anybody. Talking to Tony dungy, the Hall of Famer, joining us on the program. We were also talking about what's going on with buffalo with Josh Allen with that arm or the ulnar nerve, which if you're a pitcher, that's a big deal. I'm wondering, buffalo doesn't have that cushion in the division where, hey, we can sit him down for a little while and maybe rest that, but what do you think the options are here with Josh Allen? I don't know how you can protect a guy who plays like that. It would be very concerning to me because they are built around him. If you're Tennessee Titans, you can put Malik Willis in, throw 8 passes and you still have a chance to win the game. Buffalo can not do that. Josh Allen has to be on fire for them to win. So I don't know how you go about it. You can't protect them because he plays too aggressively. And they've got to have him throwing well to win. So this really kind of changes the landscape of the AFC east to me. How would you devise a defense to try to contain Lamar Jackson? Well, there's been different ways that people have tried to do it. It's so hard to play zone coverage. That's what I would want to do is play zone so I got all my 7 defenders in the back with their eyes on him and they can see him and rally to him when he runs. But these RPOs that people are running, they fake it in there, they get their linebackers to play run and then there's holes in the zones to throw those quick passes. And everybody is taking advantage of that. So now you have to almost play man to man and that's tough. I think I would probably call bob Sanders and say, can you play, can you give me one game and just buy this guy? My middle linebacker and all you gonna do is buy Lamar. I don't know, and I've said this before. I don't know if there's a quarterback who has more responsibility than Lamar Jackson does, given that he doesn't have running backs. He doesn't have wide receivers. He doesn't have Mark Andrews there. You're basically saying Lamar, you can not have an off day if we're going to win. I saw them play down here in Tampa. I went to the game and it was amazing because you're right. He dictated everything on offense. The Tampa defense had to react to him the whole way. And then last night, that was a pretty good defense. He's playing against New Orleans and he just, he was the dominant player on the field. And he has to do it. He has to be dominant for them. Weekend and week out. And he's doing it. We talk about NBA teams tanking. How often does tanking happen in the NFL?

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