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And also to talk about your experience with this, and your experience with medications and all of that sort of stuff. So usually it's gonna be a combination of psychiatry, as well as some other type of mental health support to change gears, just for a moment. You know, your, your YouTube show generates questions in, and you answer them, and it's, it's, it's a very, very cool thing that you do, and we like that because we think that gets a for any as and other mental disorders are are so incredibly misunderstood. So how have you seen social media at YouTube, or maybe just the internet affect the way? Schizophrenia is perceived in any, they're a good or a bad way. I think it's been a complete dramatic shift in its. It's a part of a larger shift that's happening in the world of mental health right now. But I think it's so pronounced for schizophrenia. So for a Lao longtime schizophrenia, the representations of it in media have really been extreme stereotypical often thing bad representations of schizophrenia, and what we're starting to see now in Rachel, you've been a part of this, and I thank you so much for the voice, you've had here in shaping, this discussion is we're beginning to see a range of experiences were were seeing people share their stories of how they were diagnosed of what their life is like, how they coped with schizophrenia and it's not guided by people in Hollywood, who might have a stereotype idea of what schizophrenia is like, but it's, it's a more authentic story in, I think, as, as I was saying earlier such a diverse problem, we're seeing more of that diverse. -versity of experience on social media on blogs on YouTube, and that for me has been incredibly exciting. And it's it's helped me to learn more about what schizophrenia is like I it's been one of the most exciting developments in, in my career and I like tag..

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