Burma, Detroit Tigers, Kurt Suzuki discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney - Now It Matters?


Yeah and i want to do when burma earth prizes anybody to play elected them and they were hoping guys to play well so that could mujber whether the you know go though is you're gonna play so well i mean we gotta keep you guys around and then take a step further so you know what these guys is virga you know the uh it it played great the fans upon love of with the team again in these give give them a chance at worst comes the worst bus me think about it goes thea shukla waivers because they want they always trading in late late august all right the rockies are also looking for a catcher some of the names out there ecorse alex builders of the detroit tigers having a strong offensive season kurt suzuki who's played really well and a backup role for the atlanta braves rene rivera the mets what's your sense of what they'll do i'm going to uncle luke lou kui uh you know taxes uh you you're going to go anywhere and i don't think and certainly liquid nothing everyday and many more shia moslem moved him i think we've achieved costs uh you certainly a bit office but play the fell on so i'll go lukoil here the the the rockies so make any other pitching moves before the deadline i think that uh that still the holder going to plug let me get back to the starter the worried about the young guys can begin the law you're not not so much physical mental fatigue uh they've over cheap but but now looks like we all these setting in and seems like you know one night the next you guys aren't thrown strike unless you get a veteran striker reached not done out there and uh i wouldn't be surprised if if if they can't get anybody except for his team they played last night the cardinals have now won three in a row uh there's a lot of talk about lance lynn maybe being moved and look if you're going to get any kind of value in return before it becomes a free agent the cartels are going to have to trade him before monday's deadline what's your sense of whether or not that's going to happen.

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