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I think you were practicing some of your moves there. That's amazing. Tell us about the musical for those who don't know about it. Well, it's words of music by Cole Porter. So the musical score is absolutely glorious. And that's about the only thing I sing in it actually, but everybody else does a lot of singing and dancing and tap dancing. There's obviously anything goes. It's the lovely, I get a kick out of you, blow Gabriel blow. I mean, the score is absolutely wonderful and timeless. And the story is a bit madcap because it's set in 1934 on a cruise liner on a ship that is sailing from New York to London and the characters that are within this short trip. There's a lot of jeopardy. They have to sort of make their lives work, but obviously fate takes its hand. It's very slapstick. It's almost, it's almost a fast. So to be honest, you come to the show to escape what's going on in the real world. It's an uplifting what I call a blue sky musical, just fun, just lighthearted, tap dancing sailors, and really quite frankly, what more can you want? Uplifting, but also physically demanding, performing every night singing, dancing, where does your stamina come from? Oh, cappuccinos really. I don't know. Nothing particularly better. I do have a joy for sort of being on stage for having that live experience. And that gives you an adrenaline that's for sure. Being in a company, I have missed that. That's one of the things about the pandemic is that, you know, we were not able to be in the room where it happens live every night with like minded people with all the skills that it takes both on stage and backstage and to be with those people again and to have that wonderful camaraderie. That's what I enjoy hearing the live music. We have 15 musicians there playing this fantastic music. And to be on stage with glorious actors with Cary Ellis, I'm with Simon callo. We will get married every night. I'm delis Lawson and a whole team of 39 in the cast. So that's where my energy comes from. That's where my enthusiasm comes from. Again, being back in that creative environment. Of course, it's not just musicals that you work in, TV has been a big part of your career, Doctor Who, and eastend as many of our listeners will know you from your role as Carmel kazemi, who was mother to two boys in the soap opera and the storyline of your young on screen son being killed in a stabbing. It was one of the most emotional storylines of the program in recent years..

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