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What's your status as far as relationship. Wow there's a lot going on barbie because you know why he can't even say the whole culture here you've got these calls. You got this mustang. I don't listen back in the day. I used to smash into cars. I bet you smashed a lot of cars back in your day. Poor but this guy. Got this mustang. This muscle cars. I'm for certain. That del woman barbie at a like this a fan base as no no no no. They're called their be there is. That's what they are called. Wabi you're groupie not how you said you would smash a superstar at nighttime at one time on a one night stand. You said i'm not gonna do one night. Stand with a one night. Stand with no badio superstar out. Do that bobby. Now that's a groupie now player. Whatever oh since a culture of comedy we we have There's a lot i like. I'm a commodity like comedians alike. Like rockstars without the chicks but we we have a lot of women following us. Yeah and your culture. Are we going to shout out the vote all right this. Let's clarify right in your coaching. Bring me into your world. Because i don't know so so in your coach is there's a lot of women when you see the areas there there there is. There's you know. There is a lot of opportunities that i tend to stay away from because that can bring you down to see so you so right. So you've been around the block you know there are no it is here for our. I said i've been in a game like it ain't it. It's not too much different from from the drug game. The card game is is really not too much. I'm still hustler. So i know i know what would it would have done our flashy young do right back in a day. You know what i mean. I know i know what it's hitting with the girls or they change car. I gotta get him get hill. I mean nowadays talked amis town. Nowadays girls girls girls are straightforward. Talk on one day and they're actually for money. Dan why y twenty thirty minutes like there are bowl nowadays nowadays you cash. That's a new thing cash me. You must have had a lot of china. You had like like like like you sean. Harvey numbers with john. I can tell from your voice young man. Thanks you for schooling me now. The young ladies a cash epic bobby. Have you cast at the cats app from any young man lately. No i don't do that. I have my own diamanti. Wanna give it back.

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