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Hanky-panky is a favourite of celebrities stylish and stylish women world wide. Welcome to the show. Gale in lead. Thank you. So what's your coming on? Thank you. Oh my gosh. This is just amazing. It's incredible forty one years ago. Hanky panky was started. How does it feel to say that? It's sort of unbelievable. We don't feel that old. I know isn't it that moment where you're like you say something like that? And you're like forty one years, that's. Wait what how could that be? So this this idea came from pudding hand embroider handkerchiefs together. I mean, how did you even think of that gal? Oh, I actually liked to recycle things. So while I was working for other manufacturers is specialized in knits at at that time. I was always I always had a boutique business where at home at night. This is my real laboratory for design I would make things and often out of other things like at that time beautiful handkerchiefs that inspired me their exquisite embroidery colorful embroidery. So they seem the whole idea about embroidery on underwears was very Victorian. So that's really what motivated me to make modern underwear out of it. And that little set came about around the same time if lead his birthday. Was happy recipient of that. Yeah. That was that was in June nineteen seventy seven. Gail gave me just you know, I'd always got design things from Gail as gifts. But this was something that really really caught my attention. I was so excited about it. And we started talking about how other women would probably love this stuff that looked like this, and it was possible to scale it up. That's amazing. So leader you got this gift. And you're like, we gotta do something with this. Yeah. Which, you know, I'm not sure exactly where that thought came from because it's not like I had been to business school. It's not like I was out of work. It's not like I knew anything about sales or retail or wholesale. But yeah, those did kinda come in. Dame? And I had I had been in my own business on the side for years. So it was natural to do something. I wouldn't have done it on my own, but with a partner, and once we had that name we just took off. 'cause that was that was inspired to know was a name that once leader went out with those little samples a little four piece set to the buyers a name that they didn't forget, and they found something that was different for their departments. And it was just took off from there. Yeah. There was a lot lot of interest. It was actually very say. It was easy to sell back. Their jobs. Saw the Forbes interview you guys did how you said it was easy back then. And but still it takes guts to get store. You know, go in there and have the meeting. What was that? Like, I mean, I it's not just one day. You decided you gotta gear up for that. Well, I on my kind of. Lunch. Our from the job that I had at the time. I was making phone calls to really the only retail outlets. I knew at the time department stores because of they they kind of they owned the retail space. That's where I shopped. I was called end. Also, you made these connections by two phone. There was no internet. No, Email, and it was complicated because in the intimate apparel space it I'm sure I didn't even use that terminology. There was so many different departments, you know, bras. And and of course, the tree undependable, and you know, all the stuff that I somehow I got to I r- who was proper person at each of the places that I called Gail had made samples for me to to take in. And that was a very different time. When buyers would welcome you end, see something new would sit down and write there or. Orders on the spot if they liked it. There was not one buyer who I saw in New York or California. I happened to have a trip plan to California and around the same time, and I took advantage of calling west coast based department stores, even the ones that don't even exist anymore like books and Robinson's..

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