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Nj transit for its part says it is examining ways of improving. Service although there were no details on how our when that would happen ten ten wins AccuWeather son and some clouds. Today very, warm but not as oppressive this afternoon as it's been the last few. Days we'll have a high of eighty nine seventy. Seven now it's mostly sunny humidity at. Eighty seven percents Windsor northwest of nine seventy, seven and we're going up to eighty. Nine the AccuWeather real feels already eighty eight Robert Muller's request to question President Trump under oath has, apparently been declined his latest request the. President's. Lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity on Fox News last night so obvious, the special counsel is trying to set up a perjury trap I've never been involved in. An investigation on either side that's more illegitimate. Than this one that is so obviously more illegitimate and I wonder where's the sense of Justice on the part of smaller on the part of the Justice department Trump legal team says they have responded. To the latest interview proposal from Muller's investigators but offered no details on that Republican congressman Chris Collins from the buffalo. Area has, been indicted on insider trading charges but he says he is not resigning. And will run for reelection as Linda Lopez reports. Sahlin says he expects to be fully. Exonerated the charges that have been levied against, me are meritless and I will mount. A vigorous defense in court to clear My name prosecutors say Collins was on the board of a biotech company and learn a drug they were developing had failed a clinical trial they allege he shared that. With his son allowing him. And others to avoid more than seven hundred thousand dollars in. Stock losses but, far from saying he'll step down after the accusations will. Remain on the ballot running for reelection this November speaker Paul Ryan has. Removed Collins from the house energy and commerce committee however when Williamsburg got hip housing tied and so. Of course it got expensive to live there but now with the l. train shutdown looming some of the hipsters of Williamsburg thinking maybe it's not such a great place to live after all the number of apartments is, up twenty five percent compared to this. Time. Last year according to St. easy dot com they're senior economist Grant Long, says what the shutdown eight months away now anyone who's thinking about renewing is going to. Think twice about half the apartments in Williamsburg. Renting for less than they did two years ago with, an average decline of two hundred and fifty dollars a month Cops have caught up with. Dead baby found floating in the East River on Sunday the father was captured in Thailand James. Currie had a custody arrangement with his child's. Mother and. Picked up a seven month old, Saturday afternoon with a father returned to his residence to child was at that time. Alive but twenty four hours later chief of detectives Dermott Shay says curry leaves his co op city building we believe, at this time that the child was deceased and now the father. Is, taking the child out of the. Residents threes then spotted a few hours later near the. East River and a half hour after that a nine one one call for a, baby in the water we do not have a definitive cause of death the Thirty-seven-year-old then flew out of JFK to Thailand the child's mom called nine one one police started investigating. And curry will be returning to the city next week Al Jones. Ten ten wins at police headquarters seventy seven degrees mostly sunny we're going up to eighty nine the real feels ready eighty eight and now this seeking top home healthcare across the tri-state areas link homecare dot com Wins news time nine oh. Nine.

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