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Loved how twos and I just I never part of me was I don't wanna have to spend fucking in our covering it up and I'm going into some shooting, you know. But now at this point it's like the business people in the business. They kind of they didn't YM if they're gonna hire me, they know him not like this guys, this bad guy with because I have a tattoo. They know I'm like silly. So you know, they know what they're getting, but as fuck if they they wanna cover covered up. But I literally feel like I saw today, you got that you posted on this way. I went, no, wait, no, we didn't have any twos. Yeah. No, it's interesting place to start. Let's do a list of things that I'm going to. I'm going to try to think wholesome, please feel free to help of things that you go that you may not. You may regret? Not doing okay. Okay. So drugs are not one of them now alcohol's alcohol. Will you ever go in fun? Maybe maybe. Okay. I mean, I I'm not saying I would never drink scuba diving. I mean, I've, I've done snorkeling. I feel like a little. Oh, yeah. But I'm saying that's like when I did snorkeling, I was like, why would I wanna go further down. Hunting. I don't imagine I would ever do hunting. Yeah, yeah, motor I I've been I don't imagine I would ever. I've been like to the hunt. I don't imagine I would ever do the actual hunting is what I mean. Oh, you like camping? Yeah, I would see it. I've seen it, you know, but I wouldn't actually do the actually go with the guys I've been with the guys to she the shooting. Yeah, but I don't the guys see. Yeah, but I don't. I, I should be a magazine for that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. ONA motorcycle. No, I don't imagine ever fucking do that. Really. It's just like. Why? Because you're going through a midlife crisis. But I mean, yeah, shave your head. I would do that for sure. For apart. Yeah, percent, yeah. Okay. Halston any other good ones. Okay. Going to church. I would go to church, but only because only if someone I cared about really wanted me to go. Okay, release your own album as a music? Yup. It depends like a serious one. I don't know. Fuck no serious. A joke one. Yeah, I've done it like I did a fucking silly rap one like check Smith. My alter ego like fucking years ago. And that was fun to me. Reality show..

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