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Avoid everything Either way you may not want to go to a theater well have we got the guide for you former Boston Globe film critic is back many of you jumped on his new substack newsletter last time he was here it's full of streaming suggestions things you can watch in your flannel PJs and fuzzy slippers at home oh wait that's me High tie Hi Robin How are you I'm fine You know a couple of films we know you want to talk about are available both in theaters and on TV and that includes the humans this piece that was originally an acclaimed play That's right Takes place on Thanksgiving That's right It's by Steven Karam The playwright at one a Tony for best play of 2016 It has been brought to showtime directed by the playwright Steven Karam Now I got to tell you Robin For my newsletter I just did a survey of Thanksgiving movies You know how Christmas movies are all sort of upbeat and happy Thanksgiving movies are dark Thanksgiving movies are about the families that drive us into therapy And the humans is Wait we need Probably differently Everybody is related when it comes to that I mean family say can make for dark comedy or just playing tragedy And the humans juggles both It's a brilliant play and it's brilliantly acted and it is sort of almost like Eugene O'Neill like portrait of an average American family person on the edge of the existential abyss Maybe not what you want to watch after you know you've had the Thanksgiving meal and gather around the TV But you may want to capture at some point or another because the performances are really quite brilliant And the tone is deeply compassionate It's a dark play but a very very well written and well performed one I think compassion around Thanksgiving would be very much appreciated Another film that debuted in theaters last week as king Richard discourse it Will Smith starring as Richard Williams the father of the famed tennis champions Venus and Serena Ingenue Ellis plays their mother or scene Let's listen to a little from that film.

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