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Kennedy has a legitimate team that should be the best in a good conference USA. North Texas, western Kentucky, they're also considered capable of winning the league in fairly so to me, UAB sets up as a top 40 team in the country. And I think with what Kennedy has been able to do, they're going to have a really good shot. Again, jelly walker is much CTV. Saint Mary's and BYU and the WCC, you got to put them there. Randy Bennett is as reliable as almost any coach in the country. Like, I do think Randy Bennett has got to be under consideration for top 20 coaches in the sport when you look at it's one of those things where when you talk to other, we don't live on the West Coast. We don't go to a lot of WCC games in person if any, right, GP. I live on the West Coast. There we go. And so when you talk to coaches that have coached in that league, familiar with that leak, familiar with Randy Bennett, familiar with what saint Mary's was 30 years ago, ten years ago and what he's able to do consistently, he gets a ton of respect. Now he's not that he's not, you know, he's not super quotable, right? And he kind of looks like her send deck. And so you don't get a lot of Randy Bennett. Buzz and pop out there. But just in terms of coaching the team and running a program, he's considered quite high level. So you have to consider saint Mary's back and prominently involved. They lost Tommy cousy, who, hello, I think he's on the spurs. So we'll see how much of a drop off that is or isn't. He's put a few guys into the pros in the past 15 years and then BYU. I question for you real quick. We got to turn in a list of the top 25 and one college basketball coaches. There we go. I've already turned mine in. Now you're hitting on it. Yes, Randy Bennet was inside my top 20. You had Randy Bannon on it. I did. Okay. Yeah, he was somewhere between 15 and 20. I did. Yes. I think that's reasonable. I've got to do my list. There you go. There you go. So if anybody is not on that list, you can blame Paris. Although he said, I'm going to put Randy Ben on the list. I think he has to be on the list. When you look at what saint Mary's is and what he's accomplished, I think he needs to be on the list of the 25 best coaches in the sport. Yes. BYU Mark Pope, this is their last week in the last year in the WC they'll go to the big 12. And I really think Gideon George will be one of the breakout players in the WCC. BYU fans know who he is, but he's got a really good backstory. I think they're intriguing. I think they're going to be a bubble ish team. And then Drake, yes, you mentioned de vries, Tucker, sophomore, our top 101 list, if it's not out yet, it's due to be out soon. I don't know if Tucker made the list. He was on mine. My individual ballot back in preseason player of the year, really good player, I was talking with our buddy Sam pasini, who actually kind of likes Tucker long-term as an NBA prospect. So we'll see if he is that awesome, then Drake could maybe have it run it back from two years ago when Drake actually made it in as an at large team into the NCA tournament when the valley got two, obviously that was the loyalist Chicago went to the sweet 16 in the bubble tournament. So before I kind of hits a few leagues here, any thoughts on that's how I group the team. Maybe you think there's a team that I didn't run off that should have an outlaw show, but that's how I would be. You know, tulane, I think is a possible at large candidate out of the American athletic conference. Most people have a Houston Memphis, and then either Cincinnati or tulane. Well, I don't even know why I have two lane in here. We've already did the American scrap them. Scrap them. Hold on though. You're correct, but I would also say. Delete that. I don't belong in this podcast. They're not best for the rest of their American athletic conference. Okay. That's on me. It's an unforced error. I don't have my board right now. I should have had, I should have had it ready. Okay, fair enough. All right, quick rundown leagues, okay? 8 ten, VC. I'm not talking about any more college Biggs or Kanye West or tulane. Boycotting all three for now. Oh man. Okay. Ron hunter, I'm sorry. A ten. VCU loyal to Chicago, George Mason with the teams that the other a ten teams that made my top 101 VCU has ace Baldwin, who is just an outstanding outstanding defender and Mike Rhodes didn't make my list for top 25 coaches, but I'll be honest. I put about 35, 40 names on it. Mike Rhodes was on that list. I think he is really, really good. And VCU should be a factor again. You got to consider that home court advantage in that league as well. Jade none I've heard has actually been tremendous as well. So they might wind up with the best backcourt in the a ten this season. We'll see loyal as Chicago is making the transition. Talk with drew Valentine over the summer and he's got good optimism, but he did mention to

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