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Oh gosh guys the ways you can see me do things and you can follow me on twitter and all that crap you guys know you guys know but in the meantime i wanna thank the all star team here at the nation that's our producer john palmer assistant producer nor ritchie and our audio engineer jared o'connell shot gob altar for a seem user gonna course lily fleshler who helps with research and remember you can leave us a voicemail three or four seven seven seven zero four nine eight one or email us at comments big the nation dot com we love reading your letters and hearing your beautiful voices so just just do it if you like what year please do leave review at apple podcasts at helps more people find the show thank you guys for listening and i will talk to you next week goodbye pigging i'm howard kremer i'm the taj zero and we host the podcast who charted what can be the join us to talk about the top five songs and movies of the week we discussed everything from mumble wrath to new country debating neil young versus jimmy buffett and which movies seemed to loud howard i often the movies together the tarsha often treat the movie theater like a buffet and take a few samples maybe two helpings of a black panther spoonful of ready player what after the charts we all ring in our personal favorite songs of the week tell stories and howard may give hardest few summited that's right how summa is upon us and you need to have some new some obey the of course some secret listen to chart it on apple podcast or you listen to podcasts charts.

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