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Really relished the idea of of being fans as we see when i do i keep remembering meeting you at a dragon khan and you see the people that build their year around going to that event and it's not just star trek at us dr star wars you know it's firefight supernatural in at its is caused play in its hello kitty and it's all this genres and they're all gathered and they've taken over atlanta in a way that they that the collective like the board the collective is bigger than the individual completely so an appreciation of our fan base goes without saying we've seen each other tease conventions people have paid their hardearned money to come and see you so it's sort of a captive audience and you over them the respect to be kind and also they give you so much in terms of sharing their stories about their family watching the show or how it influence them professionally or how it helped them through horrible dire times where they struggled with drugs that were they struggled with an injury and it there's not a convention goes by where some one dozen share with you something it makes your heart break or makes you smile with with pride it's a blessing if it weren't for the fans we wouldn't be where we are it totally as i totally agree where do you think that that sciencefiction as a genre is going it seems to expanded far beyond what it was when you started next generation roddenberry always said it was wagon train in space and and any one i think would agree that the success of our show of nextgen and the original show and successive a series or movie is based on how the audience relates to reacts to and needs the leads the relationship between bleeds at our show particular the uh the honor and the the friendship that the characters have and share and i think that's what appeals and were continues to appeal visual effects god bless them heightened the experience but if you don't give a shit about the characters and what they're doing and how they feel about each other i don't think it last loyalty the well is deep.

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