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Boston at two o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. Massachusetts has added another state to its travel restrictions. In this case, the state's been added to the list of those facing restrictions coming to the Commonwealth because of a covert 19 spike. And it is a neighborhood island becomes the first Northeast date to be deemed high risk. And now anybody who travels from the ocean State of Massachusetts must produce the negative covert 19 test or self quarantine for 14 days. The declaration follow similar restrictions put forth and Connecticut, New York and New Jersey after a series of documented parties to which Governor Gina Raimondo tells her constituents. I need you to knock it off. His people are getting sick. People are dying, and it's unnecessary gathering levels have been reduced in the state from 25 to 15 total. I have friends now whose loved ones around ventilators. Your right to have a party should not infringe on their right to live. Doored Island Department of Public Health reports more than 120 new positive cases in its most recent three day average in nearly 20,000 active cases statewide. Chris Mama W. B Z, Boston's NewsRadio New York City is now asking travelers coming from states would hike over 19 infection rates to fill out paperwork that ensure that they quarantine for two weeks as required by New York State law there don't build, Blasio says the city will set up checkpoints and entrances to New York to make sure the travelers provide contact information for follow up contact tracing teams. Blasio says they need to keep outbreaks from spreading couldn't be clearer. Why it is so important that there are clear rules in place offer folks traveling in or folks who have gone out of the city and come back. Sheriff Giove Aceto says his team will not be looking out for out of state license plates. Avoid discrimination is so many vehicles like would say it's every sixth vehicle or every eight vehicle. We determine something in the beginning of the day. And we stick to that patterns were out today. So the officials say 20% of new covert 19 cases in New York City come from travelers arriving in the city. Violators could potentially face fines of up to $10,000. Charges of vehicular homicide on the South Shore and elderly man is charged in connection with a deadly crash last month. Luis Bernas O's is alleged to have struck and killed 67 year old Howard Colby of Marshfield. Kobe was said to be riding his bike on a foggy night back on July 26 off three and situate The 94 year old Bernardo's allegedly struck Colby with his 2000 won Mercury Marquis. He did stay on the scene, Colby was transported to sell Shore Hospital where he later died. Burn, as does is now facing charges of motor vehicle homicide through negligent operation negligent operation of a motor vehicle in Elaine's violation. He was issued a criminal summons and is expected to be arraigned at a later date. Jim McKay, W B z Boston's NewsRadio as Tropical Storm Essa is pushed through doing yesterday There was a lot of damage from the high winds in North economy, New Hampshire that Danny turned deadly. A woman was found dead inside her home after a tree cracked into the building last evening. Another woman trapped in that home was rescued. Work continues across the region to clean up the damage, and in Massachusetts alone, more than 109,000 people are still without power. A majority of those in central and western Massachusetts to all three traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's going on, Mike? That looks like an afternoon rush out there right now Banned will start to the north with 1 28 North, which is locked up for a mile through Woburn, coming up past Washington Street and 93. Beyond that, it's not so bad. We've got usual delays Room one south in Saugus without right lane closure down after Lynn Phil's Parkway. That's ongoing road work there and 93 North. Not so bad to slow up after room 1 25 switching gears to the south. Now the expressway south down, just inching along from the tunnel down towards the gas tank. You're back on the brakes shortly after Brian Dav almost 30 minutes now from the tunnel down to the very injury split North found delays coming up has Furnace Brook Parkway, but not bad of Lewis Milton or a past Morrissey Boulevard three South Usual stop and go down towards Derby Street, where it goes down to two lanes downtown. Nice and quiet. So far, so good on the lower deck of 93 the Tobin Bridge and Storrow Drive and the mass bikes off to a good start as well. My king W. B Z is traffic on the three. We've got sun mixing with clouds this afternoon. It's a warm day. Two less human, little less human. At least. Temperatures within a few degrees. 90 most places but low to mid eighties at the beach is mainly.

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