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That is very smart very simple. Very sustainable way of eating way of thinking about food. And that's how i got into it and then one day. I took several courses in one day i took did The hukou summoner. I asked the person on staff Do you guys ship. You'll products the overseas in. They said yes. And do you have anybody who does that in. That's just happened to be. My coworker was working that night. So i got to spoke to him and then i ask how many people in your international team in he said only to this like oh my gosh maybe there is a room for me to get into it so i wrote like longest love letter i ever wrote in my entire life to guys and you know please hire me. You know. i love your products. And you know i this is i. You know this is my proposal and it took me like almost like a half a year to go through like how i gave me so many interviews but you know i was able to get that position so it was way before you know. I concede my child that i met you know fermented world so i didn't really change How your relationship to uniform entered food Because my pregnancy but definitely helped me to get pregnant Naturally was is really the the product of the fermented excellent. That's amazing now. So now you've got you know there's a market in japan that is loving their stock. You know it's out there. People know it is for her. There's a lot of the world that doesn't know what it is or has never had the opportunity to try it. What does you mentioned a little bit earlier. You just started last year. Exporting to the us What does the proposition for amazon. Look like going forward for your for hawkeye son. you know. You're looking at exports now. What is the proposition. How do you tell people how how to enjoy. Higher would enjoy this beverage. Ration- what is it what you have for recipes or when you're taking these things to the us What's what's that process. Look like and how are you introducing it right and.

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