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President Pat Lynch, Bridget, New Jersey discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


President Pat Lynch basically saying I told you so fighting fighting rapidly if the police officers get shot what's going to happen on our subway system what's going to happen at a bus stop what's going to happen when you walk to the corner store stop now realized it was a mistake made and fix it there is some good news in the February crime numbers with forty five murders so far this year that is a dramatic seventeen percent drop one shot ten ten wins your mid cap when students time five thirty one traffic in transit for your Tuesday morning good morning Karen Stewart good morning Bridget we saw this action investigation going on in New Jersey and change that eastbound the eighty eight local lanes over six of sixty eight the ramp is closed there's an accident investigation going on there traffic is being detoured traffic is okay for the moment we can try to keep an eye on that for you elsewhere in Jersey we're looking pretty good here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels there we've got ten minutes in Holland Lincoln GW bridge no surprises no big delays happening as of yet they cleared the overnight construction for the project thank you another Throgs neck and Whitestone bridge construction free and delay free for the moment about the way the Mario Cuomo still has their overhead sign saying it's a thirty five mile an hour weather related speed restriction across the span mass transit is doing well this morning six trains of the one exception both ways but they've resumed regular service EMS responded to somebody who needed assistance over thirteen hundred thirty eight and that has been cleared and rectified alternate side of the street parking rules and regulations are in effect today Tuesday March third love island's big three are doing very very well traffic is sponsored by triple a you don't want to risk getting stuck on the road that's why sixty million drivers rely on triple a to keep them in the car on the go with the car any car there in twenty four seven join triple.

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