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Really good Thursday. You may not have the bat of Mogollon, but he can hold more than hold as defensively over the bat now. So they just seem to have one major league, ready doubt. All right. There's a lot of a number of players to unpack and talk about their. Let's start with two. You mentioned Clint Frazier and Aaron Hicks and sounds like we're getting some updates of some of these some of their higher level talent returning. So what's the latest in in terms of when the Yankee fans can expect to see these guys back? In the back to mommy yet rained out in the second half start. You don't see the cairn? I'll be back. They cleared roster for tonight's debate. He'll be activated and in terms of clearing room on the roster at sounded like they sent down a relief pitcher rather than one of these other replacement bats is that right? Yeah. Stephen partly. And then Aaron hick is supposed to clean in an extended endurance or he has started. And they will start playing him in. We have gained which neighboring hassle said that there's a possibility could even see him next weekend, which is pretty quick ramp up. But you know, you've had a very long way back condition. All right. So even so maybe in a week a little over a week Yankees could be looking at having both Clint Frazier and Aaron Hicks out there in the outfield, and that should help help the depth. You mentioned you or shelhah who has been a revelation. The glove is something the defense is something Yankees expected. The offense was not something that from an external scout perspective. I would guess was expected because their shell is not a guy who. Yeah. That was always the question. Mark is this guy going to hit enough a couple of questions on geo or shell at number one scouts and people who are watching him. I know, you know, having senior sitting around that while other other reporters seem to you know, chat with each other. I did notice that you sit and talk to all the scouts that come through. In the when you sit there in the cafeteria cafeteria there, so. From a scout perspective, you would geo or shell is this something? Now, his offense of game that people think watching his approach can stay or is this just Yankees caught light lightning in a bottle. Don't expect it. They've noticed some different his swings. They see a better approach. They see him. It looks like he's on the strike zone. Go for a young player. They'll have to develop that at the major global. I mean, they can have a coach in an idea, but they had to see it up here. And they noticed that his sample of different. In his. Might be giving him a little bit more power to get Szabo's Activase it, but you know, I'd had scouts. Wow. He wants good. You know, it just kinda surprising. They don't usually like to say, hey. You know, maybe he's also about I think he's been you know, I think the had been very lucky to have him. He's been he's he's made some very big plays defensively. Some big plays authenticity. Any he had the to, you know, go ahead. One extra inning game in Anaheim. And he he knows how to hit, you know, a single to advance runners he though. Oh, he's been there. There you hear them talking to Christie Acker from the daily news about the Yankees. And watching today's game miserable, weather, certainly, but the Mingo Herman was making the twins miserable. And that's a good offensive team. There's some decent bats in that lineup. And he goes six and two thirds innings. And really it looked to me. It was really maybe just the one really bad. You know, kind of hanging curveball that drove in the run, but he looked dominant today and. So what point do we say, you know, Jim Ingo her mind that the Yankees have really found something in her mind or do we need to keep waiting for? You know, he's a young pitcher for the league to make adjustments to him. I mean, I don't think there's ever any doubt that he could be a really good pitching just young..

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