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In overtime Georgia turned it over for the fourth time day after getting the ball first again South Carolina but the Gamecocks Parker white missed a thirty three yard field goal to win it's going to double overtime South Carolina number three Georgia tied at seventeen ten wow wow this is fun it's a we had a lot of hype coming into this weekend all right this is what you've been waiting for is a college football a lot of great match up to the store for nineteen point Texas has all three timeouts the trail thirty forty twenty who still with the rule twenty five electoral states told the pocket milliliter aborting suppression wanted to is right across the line of scrimmage down to the thirty five yard gain Gallimore wraps him up it'll be second in five it was just a four man rush for Oklahoma again the latest twist on the one side they got a little bit reinforce that would break the pocket second five at the Texas thirty is Rochelle Johnson all set to his land for receivers of the pattern play action just the three main wash light incomplete intended for Roshan Johnson Nick but needle was in coverage for Oklahoma it's a great job but when he does he was lined up on the left side is basically an outside Russia he does not drops off in the coverage is right there to break up the past guess what who was on the right side looking back in the in the middle of the field again was can we with the pocket now with the thirty low snap elder takes mostly hits like eagles he's got a first down to the thirty six on six your gate on third and five trade brown brings it down ground so frustrated with himself he made the Sir tackle but he knew exactly what play was company tried to jump the route but just didn't get there in time three and a half minutes the clock is ticking still Texas city told thirty six million you're facing disagreement Welsh flag as soon as you close life so welcome no monthly all the coverage but again a flag down in the backfield it was like a holding the islanders twenty face mask is a hands personal files defense number fifty fifteen senior from Texas about fifteen miles to the west sin taxes now has to be the Oklahoma forty nine three twenty remaining Oklahoma authority for the twenty similar to what's in the box was one expression use and taken out of the thirty ten yards and another first down for example by yell as well as the undersized many to set the ticket the place one of the policy Texas is close down white Johnson in a nice open field tackle by Pookie Radley thirty four Kato five Texas right back over the ball June fifteenth clock running Oklahoma for the twenty meter on second phone illegal trying to stay June by the Oklahoma defense thirty seven mark is strictly with the sack no forty nine for all of you today well it's just a three man Russian mark was over ten just just swims his guy he's the first guy into the back you take three steps is already at the quarterback misses.

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