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At last asked he had arrived to reveal his identity to her because the time had come for her to lead her people just as he had the ancient Athenians journey to New York. The spirit told her there was a house waiting for her there along with the future. He'd always promised at least. That's how Victoria told the story that marble marble table had been in a Pittsburgh apartments where Victoria had been stain. After years of traveling with James Blood she had even been to disease-stricken New Orleans arriving justice just as core left and shortly before Christmas in eighteen sixty six Victoria and James had published an advertisement for their powers of healing to the city's alien residents since they'd been to Memphis Tennessee which had also been plagued by white supremacists violence that year. Then they returned to Saint Louis before moving on to Chicago Go where the courts were more willing to hand out divorce papers than anywhere else in the mid West but now in eighteen sixty eight. Those trips were coming to an end. It was time for Victoria and James to build something. They weighed their options. Following the spirit of Demosthenes to New York was one but there was. There's another leading light. That they considered Victoria reached out to some friends. In high places she traveled to Galena Illinois and visited one of the officers who had commanded. He ended James Bloods troops during the war. Since then Victoria and James had spent time with that officers father in Cincinnati and become friends with his family and Victoria. I thought it would be nice if he took on James Blood as his personal secretary. Because you see that man was ulysses grant and he had just won the presidential election and he was headed to Washington. We can't blame him if he didn't want to bring blood with him to the White House. Though you see. His escapades with Victoria had already hit the papers. Where they were saying that the gallant colonel had abandoned his family and thrown away his money to travel the world with and I quote the witch of Washington Avenue when grant decided against taking James Blood with him? It settled the matter James Than Victoria. Set Out For New York instead but the choices that grant would make while in office would still prove crucial to lifting. Victoria's fortunes I though there were connections to be made in Manhattan. Here's author Mary. Gabriel when they arrived in New York you know they had no connections there and it was as you say. The entire Claflin clan followed and saw Victoria antennae. Got To work doing what they did best. They're only sure way of making money which was working spiritualists. Antennae was an expert of laying on of hands and Victoria was the spiritualist adviser and but Claflin did what he did which was go out and try to recruit clients. New York had plenty of possible subjects. Spiritualism was strong in the the city after all but it wasn't just spiritualism that interested Victoria. She didn't want to spend her days entertaining a line of tourists. She wanted to finally put her political vision vision into practice for that. She needed a patron a dedicated supporter with money. And there was one person whose name was floating around the city with the echoes of cash. Following after it Cornelius Vanderbilt. His is a name. Many of us have heard before his shipping empire had brought him mountains. Sins of cash. But in the years before Victoria arrived he had felt the sting of personal losses. His wife Sophia had recently died and he'd lost a fortune in in a battle with a fellow. Wall Street speculator over control of Western railroads. All of this was well known. But Victoria's father but Claflin and the rest has to the clan. That was settling in New York. Learn something else through their spiritualists network. Cornelius Vanderbilt was willing to hear from the spirits. Spiritualism may have come into Vanderbilt's life through his daughter who had been a believer for years by eighteen sixty four cornelius was trying to contact the spirit of his dead father through New York City mediums by eighteen sixty eight. He was feeling old himself and had already been turning to magnetized and spiritualist healers for relief from his aches and pains so when Victoria and her sister Tammy arrived in New York. The wealthy industrialist found comfort in a young woman whose mode healing was the laying on of hands soon. The sisters were spending a lot of time with Cornelius. The often invited tenny to his office and called her. His little little sparrow while she joked with them read to him and laid on hands in Victoria. He got a personal medium then as their conversations multiplied lied he found in her an unusual and inspiring energy and intelligence he also started to hear investment advice from the spirits and he would give its intern along with hefty fees for their services. Here's more from Mary. Gabriel and so became confidence of Cornelius Vanderbilt. One of the most important and wealthiest man in America. And you know it's one of these incredible American stories that you know. They went literally overnight from being no one in New York to being with in the circle. Where all the powerful decisions are made? Demosthenes hadn't steered her wrong. And neither had cornelius. James Blood took the money Victoria made from Vanderbilt and invested it. According to his advice and as those investments blossomed James News and Victoria put their heads together to decide how they could put this growing fortune to use the spirits. It seems weren't just ghostly visitors from another world world they also knew. Just what made this world go round Trouble was brewing in eighteen. Sixty eight the banner of light published a report from the Third Annual Convention of the Illinois State Spiritual Association with a foreboding warning. They said that there was an a quote. Lack of harmony among spiritualists for a movement built on the foundation of Andrew. Jackson Davis Hormonal Philosophy. This was a dangerous thing to hear. Every seance required harmony among the participants in order order for the spirits to be heard and if they hope to keep growing into an enduring cultural force they would need that harmony. The reformers might have seemed seem to win the day and motivate the victorious army through four long years of war. They might even have been able to claim legions of new converts as the Widows and mourning. Earning mothers found their way to the sand table but their new world had not yet clicked into place in fact cities all across the country were still filled with conflict And that included the capital but with President Grant and office. There were some among the reformers who saw a clearer path into the future in eighteen. Sixty nine sojourner truth was headed back to Washington. DC To be present for the ratification of the fifteenth amendment. Finally ensuring that black men had the right to vote to cross across the entire nation on the way there. She stopped in New York City where she stayed with friends. Including a visit to Leeann underhill's thirty Seventh Street Brownstone and although she had retreated from the public stage Lia had lost no stature among spiritualists and would still give private sittings too friendly visitors especially when have visitor was sojourner truth she also stayed with Theodore Tilton the editor of a powerful liberal religious newspaper Tilton was well known for printing nineteen the power of God and the rhetoric of reform. He was a natural friend to sojourner but he and his wife Elizabeth were going to become very familiar with Victoria. Woodhall in the coming coming years. Also while in the city sojourner spoke at one of the most popular pulpits in the Nation Plymouth Church where the preacher Henry Ward beecher feature held court. The sojourner wasn't the only one on the road to Washington that year in January the city played host to the first national female suffrage Fridge Convention with money in her pockets and determination to join the cause Victoria. Woodhull was one of the many to arrive. There is hope in the air. You're with the war. One and grant elected surely it was time for every reformer who had served in the cause of abolition to now turn their interest toward the cause of women organizers. who expected it to be that easy? Though were deeply disappointed. Some leaders like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony wanted wanted to push for a sixteen th amendment that would give women the right to vote but others thought a more gradual approach that pushed for suffrage state by state was the only way to achieve if that goal and this difference in approach led to some ferocious arguments it seems that advocates for women's rights. Were no more united than the spiritualists were and no no surprise. They were often one and the same Victoria made her way back to New York thoroughly unimpressed to her. The battles between the reformers were what she called teacup. Hurricanes women needed to gain real ground and fast so she decided that at the first opportunity she would lead by example an and opportunity that swiftly came banks to Cornelius Vanderbilt and ulysses s grant. Here's more from Mary. Gabriel two of the biggest. You traders on Wall Street Jim FISK and and Jay. Gould knew that every week grant sold a lot of gold on the market to try to keep kind of keep the coffers Unisys discovers government coffers full and it was a weekly sort of release of precious metals to enrich the government few an acquaintance. They decided decided to try to convince grant not to sell. And so that would drive up the price of gold and it would become even more precious than it normally was well that happened but then grant learn of the scheme and so in a counter move. He opened the flood again and the gold started pouring out onto the market random bill bill had been privy to all of this and so he told tenny in Victoria. This was going to happen and so on the day. This black Friday and eight hundred sixty nine occurred Victoria was. They're buying hangup gold dropping in price dropping like a stone and in that day. She amassed a sizable fortune by the end of the day. Victoria antennae had made a stunning seven hundred thousand dollars in profit. Their names were splashed across the pages Queens of finance. It's Vanderbilt's proteges. With their new fortune as balanced Victoria antennae through open the doors of Woodhall Claflin and Co the first woman owned brokerage brokerage in the city Victoria would later rights. We had been instructed by the spirits in the administration of public affairs now. It was time to to apply that knowledge though then when it came to striking a claim for the place of women in society she said there could have been nothing else in legitimate business that would attract the comments of the the press more than the establishment of banking house by two women. Victoria woodhull had begun the year as the witch of Washington Avenue. Now now she was something more. She was the witch of Wall Street..

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