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But we haven't gotten a lot of specifics from him just yet on exactly what he will do Another thing you know, I have been reading online about these hotel rooms that were acquired by the county during Cove it and you know, are we getting political here? Is this all the money issue? Would nonprofits not get funding? If we, you know, use some of these rooms. It's a complicated issue, so the way that AH lot of communities including San Diego County and in some shape or form, it's a little confusing. I've been asking a lot of questions about this, actually. But the state had a program called Project Room Key that many of your listeners may have heard about because Governor Gavin Newsom was speaking a lot about it. Where There was funding from FEMA to help put homeless individuals up in hotel rooms during the pandemic. Recently, Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced that there would be full reimbursement for cost to put people up in hotel rooms. With the real challenges in terms of you know where rubber meets the road in terms of the city. Taking advantage of this opportunity is a lot of homeless service providers and you know, insiders, City officials have said One of the challenges is that you need to have service providers who could support those hotel rooms. So whether somebody is in a shelter or in a hotel room you they may need some help Case management. Help addressing some of the you know issues that might have, um, you know, really challenged them when they were on the streets, everything from maybe they have an addiction issue. Or maybe they suffered a lot of trauma on the street and needs some support. You need workers to support that, And so really, the challenge and Mayor Gloria had expressed this to me previously is making sure that there are service providers who could help. And so yesterday, Mary Todd Gloria and the Housing Commission Released a request for information essentially from providers to say could homeless service providers actually help with something like this A zoo? We all know the convention center has really been a focal point. Of the response when it comes to homelessness during the pandemic starting next week. That's going to be shutting down. And so there's a chance that that could sort of change up. Um, some of the capacities. And also maybe there are other providers that given this request that's been put out could say, Hey, you know, we're pretty small agency, but we could help. It will be interesting to see what happens. With that just next, you know, I know. Certainly advocates have been pushing for months for the city and county to put up more homeless individuals in hotel rooms. All right, Lisa, however sad from voice of San Diego. Thank you very much, And hopefully this is something that we can follow up with with an actual key plan. Thank you very much. Lisa. We're back with your traffic and weather. Coco Deuce. I made 47. Hey, their homeowners. Are you experiencing pipe leaks? Do you have warm spots in your slam floor? Or was your water bill unexpectedly high? The whole house rape?.

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