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Jj columbus the crew. They christened their new stadium. Which by the way looks awesome. I mean a beautiful venue With withdraw but yet artists is on on this roster. Here's the guys that i'm most excited about. You mentioned one of them. Darryl d k. I just like he's just that guy right now. that like. We're kind of looking for a consistent goal score. We saw what he did in the championship in cameo appearance of the us. We've seen them look good and now he's going to have a full tournament where he may be the like. I don't know it'll be interesting to see how zarcas versus decay like. We know where the fans will stand. I'll be curious how bear halter goes through the lineup. Matthew hoppy as well but there's a player. Jj whose name was has been mentioned a lot of course for how well he's performed in mls and because also he was not included on the olympic roster. I think so highly and half thought so highly of eric williamson of the portland timbers for a while and and a lot of people like that was one of the biggest criticisms of not making the olympics. Where was eric williamson. Why would he have not. Why would he not have been included on that team. I love that. He's on this team. And i hope he gets a real shot. I hope we see a lot of them. Because i think the future's really bright for that guy. He still fairly young. And i liked that. He's getting the recognition again. He's having a good club season in portland so he like if i'm going through guys. I'm most excited about yet. Decay certainly nicholas gioacchini Definitely excited about him. But in terms of the mls contingent williamson extremely excited and happy to see him on the team. Good stuff man good stuff. Will we look forward to it after this wonderful wonderful. European tournament has ceased. Yeah it will be like a nice kind of like. There's always disappointed when when disappointment when major tournaments come to an end because they happen infrequently. But like it'll be kinda cool like having the gold cup to follow the european championships and then we'll go right from that into the club season so as we have said a few times on this podcast. The soccer never stops. Jj this was a lot of fun man and we'll be back mid week. Probably a wednesday late afternoon evening. Podcast recap the semi finals. We will know the european championship final at that point. So we'll be all over it and then a week from today. We'll be sitting here doing a a finals. Recap podcast so. It's just. It's coming fast and furious. There's no end in sight which is a beautiful thing for us for all of you was well. Happy fourth of july. Be safe everyone. Please please please. Whatever it is you're doing. Please be safe and have a great time with your friends family. Jj you as well. I don't know if you're going to be taken in the fireworks in new york city. I hope whatever you're doing you're having a good time. i will. indeed i will. I will barbecue. I will watch fireworks and i will. I will contemplate the history of this great nation. I always know that. I can rely on jayjay to be thinking about. I may have four one out for the ukrainian slash marian battalion. There you go. Hey this was fun man to you. I say check letter from tick. Airman in listening to caught. Offside soccer podcast..

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