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I your first spring training with the giants. How does it feel to actually walk in here? It was a little confusing coming in and everybody says a new place. I I haven't been here ever was not an open space but It's pretty nice I like it. Yeah I mean I think everybody's been a little confused with all the hallways walkways and things like that. It's a new building and a new start for you your spring training here you. You've had a couple of Milwaukee right major league spring training. I had a couple in Milwaukee and then Kind of know how how it goes and everything so I'm excited to start with dance again. Okay it was a big winner for you You're you're pretty big on social media and You you put a picture out of you proposing to your girlfriend didn't you? Yes yes picture. I'll put a picture of video. Everything went all out went to Paris. All that stuff. It was fun. How did it go? It was good. It was really good. It was It was I mean obviously i. I'm doing that so it was a it. Oh but it was awesome experience. I mean then gotta say well you went to Paris Specifically for that my she didn't know that obviously she didn't know that she Her second major in college was French so the new language art just decided to go over. There celebrate just decided accurate. I mean everybody knew except for her so it was pretty big deal. Were you on the river? Seine on one of those flea boats. Where did you do it? I did it in front. Did it in front of the of the entrance Peres. I did it like where you can see the castle and everything it was. It was pretty cool like the whole thing. Like looking back and everything. Okay what's her name First Name and how the Knowledge Nancy Nancy Nancy since there's so I know her family know everybody so so she's Honduran. Yeah she's under and chased from Honduras she I mean we have a lot in common. We come from the same background. So it's it's it's pretty connect okay Speaking of Honduras I think everybody you learned your story last year You were you know you try. Did you gotta make yourself noticeable down there and you got an invitation to come up Sacramento To go to high school lived with his family And that sort of started it and speaking of social media as well You've posted some pictures of yourself when you were about fifteen sixteen years old at Oracle Park then called. At and T. Park alongside pictures of you in a giants uniform That kind of fun to do when you think back of it. I guess everybody a lot of kids. Have this dream of playing in the BALLPARK. When they're watching it and you're one of the few actually gets to live it. Yeah I mean it's when you come into the ballgame in in the big league ballgame the first say like you. WanNa play here. And that's That's the one thing you you you WanNa do WanNa play in the big leagues. When you're growing up another thing and keep time parents my host family and everybody like yeah one cool things about being a big leaguer but the other cool thing is about that. It's the giants like I'm it for the giants. The team that I came first big-league start watching and fuller body. I mean it does. That's the thing that I still kinda shocked about this to giants. Nobody else has that. I'm playing didn't you when you when you first came in there when you were fifteen? I believe it was didn't didn't you actually think okay one day. I'm GONNA play your wasn't really a maybe it was. I'm GONNA do this. No it was says they want. I told them my host MOM AGAIN. WanNa play here when they watch. I'm going to play here one day. And it's GonNa make I'm GonNa make it happen like some somehow someway and from in funny thing how God works and then just made my first head and everything over there so it was pretty special. What what did you learn your first Little taste of the big leagues. I know you didn't debut with the giants. You had been up with a couple of a couple of games but what did you really learn that you might not have known when you finally got up the same game. It's the same game I mean as the big leagues that are more cameras a lot more people. But it's the second game same game you play in high school simply sing game you play in and in college him play in rookie ball all the way up. Boy I mean that's the same game it's just might be more consistent and more being more focused and I mean the thing is just you know just slow things down and you're there for a reason you're earned the right to be there so just just trust yourself. You know one of the things that Gabe Kaplan than humanity always talks about is. It doesn't matter whether you've been in the League for one week or fifteen years it's always about development They're always trying to get players to to learn new things Just to make sure that they keep up with with how baseball changes and all that one of the things that you've had to deal with is they've had you out in the outfield. You actually posted a video of yourself. Taking fly balls Centerfield. How did that conversation into that? Conversation first happened. And how did it go and just told me I mean they just told me very much higher feel plan Gabe reach out and how you feel about by now filming I. Sometimes I've got to play. I got no problem. I keep telling everybody. I'm a baseball player not a shortstop. Second Baseman. I'm a baseball player. Wherever you put me out of accelerated with me out I'll do my best and know I'll do good and I mean the Phillies Fun. How fill is fine and going out there. I play offline there are a couple of years ago and other a bad job and I mean like I say it's baseball wherever you go the same thing so I just practice and getting their getting comfortable and also those okay. Did you when you were out there practicing were you mostly when you're practicing you're throws and and seen balls off the bat where you mostly in? Centerfield? Yeah does Molly Center. Fear must've Centerfield. Destruction get acclimated to the to the whole outfield stuff and everything but I know it changes. I know what you're just from learfield. Imagine right around. I just trying to get you still feel from different angles. The bad different cracks of the bad Just all that stuff. Okay and and hitting wise did they send you home or did you do anything in the winter that they asked you to work on specifically to hone your hitting skills. No I think the hidden goes I mean I had a great year last year hitting and just trying to be more consistent tried to put more more consistency in more ace to maximize my body. Try to get everything I got in and put my as much as I can and just try to be kind of repeat what I did last year or two or even better Tony Larussa former manager of the as he used to say if you could play the Infield and you could play outfield. You agree with that. I mean I mean you're an athlete at thing gaming. It's become a now that you gotta be Nice Day to play the game and it's Gone. It's going towards that end. I feel like I'm a good athlete to go up there. It's going to be an be. It's going to be hard at the beginning but I know I can. I can manage it. Are you hoping that once the game start you pretty quickly get a shot out there? I mean wherever wherever wherever they WANNA think. I'll be helpful the team. I'll be happy about it. I mean I got no problem. If they WANNA put in the first game they WANNA put one hundred sixty two hundred zero. I think what they're looking at for you as being one of those super utility guys And it may not sound as good as starting second baseman are starting shortstop. They're super utility. Guys get four four hundred and fifty at bats playing different positions making yourself versatile is a big deal with this organization Do you have any any issues with titles Super Utility Guy. I'm a baseball player like it's a baseball per people. He's the baseball player now. I just I got no problem as long as I get to help. The team lent him being the lineup. I mean I like winning winning in at the end of the day it's all about the team's all about winning and if I can help the team win away I'll be happy about it. Who did you make friends with the best on the team when you first got here? I mean a lot of people. A lot of people were nice to me pretty relationship with Carl Crawford. I mean you helped me a lot and all the very nice belt post I mean all those guys that helped me out a lot and try to you. Know look up you know trying to emulate. I mean those guys are great for a long time and just trying to have this in carrier as Dan remain. They win for a reason. And it's not an accident where they have success. And just try to you know. Try To pick the brain up and just trying to listen to them. Whatever they have to say listen. I mean there's a lot of people friendly here. Okay last question for you Marie show The team is in a turnaround stage and it turn around usually led by by youth. Do you like the idea the notion that may be you. And some of the guys you came up with a plate with just toward the end in in Sacramento and and some of the young guys in the clubhouse here could kind of lead the renaissance that might lead to the next round of championship baseball. Oh Yeah I love it. I love that I love that. I love the spotlight louder even pressured because it's just it's winning baseball. I mean that's it's good. I love that. I love the energy. I love that that commitment they put him in. I mean it's something that you want bad coming up you one. That pressure won that title and I mean we'll do everything possible to have the winning. You know starter. Other three years it's star other championships are so I mean it's it's it's something that I love and I want an speaking pressure. Have you set a wedding date November November did it was specifically planet? 'cause playoffs in October. So we didn't we. We're planning on November. Remember to be sure great. Congratulations thank you. Thank you appreciate it. We'll talk to Jalen Davis right after this. If you've been listening to San Francisco City insider you heard from Jason Bodine months before his surprise election as cities. Da You heard from the most love librarian in the country and you heard from the man who wants to remake Muny. I'm chronicle columnist. Heather Knight get to know the people who make San Francisco tick and see if you approve of their burrito choices on San Francisco city insider back on the giant splash. Now talking to outfielder Jalen Davis Acquired in a trade last year from the Minnesota twins and In the first part of this podcast I talked to Marie. Show Dan he went to Paris and proposed to his girlfriend. You didn't do anything silly like that. Did you know we went on vacation and went to Aruba fanatics then propose or anything? Okay you did you go to the Chadwick Trump Ancestral home. He's a new catcher. You guys have from Aruba. I did not know another. Yeah I just met him when I can't get down here last week so okay. Netherland Antilles are really really beautiful. Enjoy your time down there. Definitely Great Tommy Spend like six days down there definitely not easy to get to a couple of flights. Isn't it oh? Yeah I mean. Why wasn't Fort Myers too bad? So Yeah So one of the things that we heard all winter You know one of the things they did this. This winter was they did not bring back. Kevin Pillar and They said they wanted to make sure. They had enough at bats in the outfield for some of the younger guys that they brought in. They've expressed a lot of faith in you And I'm just wondering what your thoughts are about. You know your your own feelings about your abilities. Your you know to make the team to contribute this year After a little bit of a rough start last year major league career on that note. I'm I'm grateful that they did that. And that they feel that confident in me. I just took that into this off season and just work really hard Came up a weekend before Christmas. It hit with Donny and Justin. And it's.

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