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Problem. We're going to see if he can carry that problematic style into the second half of the fight because he's going to do it for 6 rounds. I promise you, he will do it for 6 months. Once he gets out of that 6 round, that's when hell gets unleashed. And that's what we're going to see what he's made of, but he's just as tall, he's a muscular guy. He's a pretty big guy once you see him in person, and I think he's going to fit in nicely with Virgil's size wise. So I even go, I even go as far as to say he gets stopped very late or he might even make it across the finish line, but I just don't see him winning rounds. Yeah, I mean, survival, it might be a win for Michael McKenzie. Going being the first guy to go the distance with Virgil or tease might be a win here for Michael mcinnis because I don't know how he wins. Virgil is such a great pressure fighter. And you know, you look at his last couple of fights. He fought Maurice hooker, who's well-known for having an excellent jab. He fought a Velasquez, who has an excellent job. Virgil Ortiz threw better jabs than both of you. Yeah. And he knocked kavala's down twice with what looked like a jab. They were jabs to the gut too. Yeah, I mean, he was putting him down with Jeff. This guy's got blunt power all over the place. So I think for McKinsey, it's more about Kenny survive than Kenny win. I just don't, he can make it ugly. He can probably mix it up a little bit with Ortiz tie him up. But Ortiz fought this way against Brad Solomon. Another mover several years ago. It took him a little bit of time to get to Brad Solomon, but he eventually did and knocked him out. But McKinsey has more things in his favor, not just he does. He has the inactivity, you know, first time Virgil's been out of the ring this long. He has a new team that he has to build this new chemistry with. What do you make of this? Anyone with many role Liz or Robert Garcia or Freddie roads or any of these West Coast grape trainers? I never worry because they're just so great at what they do so they can mold Dan goosen's another one. It's up to Joe Biden. I'm sorry, Joe goose and rest in peace, Dan. No, it's up to the fighter of how fast he catches up. It's not the trainer. They're just gonna train the fighter exactly the same way they train their whole stable. It's up to the fighter to adapt and evolve. So it's not up to the trainer until the fighter. Yeah, I mean, I did find it curious that Virgil Ortiz undefeated 18 knockouts leaves Robert Garcia to go work with many robles. But, you know, it's his career in many robots is a very good trainer himself. The sidelight of this Sergio is that in the building, on Saturday night, will be Terrence Crawford. He's there in support of Maurice hooker, his stable mate, Crawford's here in the hotel right now in Texas.

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