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Gotta stay healthy thank goodness. They fixed his office of line situation. Because of magin. If patrick mahomes had to deal with that whole and his office of line for the entire season all you'd be you'd pretty much guarantee that something was going to happen. But god forbid man. I would hate to see. I don't root for any injuries out fills up to me. Shoot like just like you. Can you turn off injuries. Just veto games. Which will do that in. Real life manfredi. Sports that that people couldn't get injured that way we can just see all the time Man and Yeah so the pick up a joe. Tony orlando brown. Would some of the best moves. We seen in his off season. Because you're you're you're you're at where you need to be so the thing is when it comes to. This is our weakness. If you're able to fix your weakness without losing your strength. i think about it. They didn't have to give them nothing crazy. In order to get some of the top laminant game orlando brown is atop left tackle when i say top top five top five left tackle man so basham homes asleep good. He knows protected. He knows he has the best weapons in game. And travis kells tariq hill biko harmon to mark robinson is even gonna be able to shine because everybody's is going to be on travis onto that ovezov Sometimes migos nine there. sometimes paying Look markets europe. This is matter of fact this was written. Just view appreciate is gonna happen. Lot comes defensive side of the ball man they got one top two safeties into game looking at a tower matthew angel thornhill When it comes to db's linebackers snead gay ward all capable of getting ending d. Line man. i mean we don't know what's going to happen with frank clark but shoot Both of those guys solid individual de la cruz. Jones been getting it done for years. Alex okafor june..

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