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Thank you would think a more build new what do you think a more bill technology not done going higher a lot of people trying to call the top i think the top is nowhere near from i think for sucking go to thirty and that plays job was the conclusion of that be in rome is sponsored by td ameritrade when you find a fabulous quo scoring is stick with take care kunst maker of coats in parkas with this is more than doubled since we started recommended records ipo last march these guys had delivered phenomenal results so far and i think the cold winter wall only make the story more attractive were chased check in with ten weeks the presidency of canada coo's whose blow yet the numbers for this luxury outerwear powerhouse take off dini's twos it's cold outside we suddenly see the patches and people are saying where the heck did those guys come from but the fact is you've been in business for quite a long time in your family this we are we're we're a fifthgeneration apparently business we've been around for sixty years found that we're not hit fifty seven were grandfather immigrant to canada you know i've heard the same story for so many years that when somebody's are the tuesday logo for the first time like i saw your logo now now i feel everywhere i've heard that for literally the last 10 years so i i think there's just keeps on happening and there's so many layers of people that have still yet to discover even though those of us who have seen it find that hard to believe what were also so corroded start donna kihn ironic in basically cynical we think candidate but come on we know it's made some progress in china yet right we make over all of our core down products are many canada we've hired over proximate 1500 people last year.

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