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Finally enough i talked about one of my drug experiences that time when i took mushrooms when i was at university and had a pretty bad time i think that clip his probably still on youtube floating around somewhere adam buxton talks about mushrooms i'm never mind the bus cox anyway he was nice to me on that show which was good because the first time i went on never mind the bus kok smart lamar was hosting and he was less warm but that was his style i suppose anyway thanks very much simon for his time now look the adam buxton app is finally available to download for free in order to enhance the quality of your life immeasurably let me tell you about what you can expect to him that the app enables you to stream all episodes of the podcast so far and contains exclusive bonus episodes an extra audio that will arrive every few weeks and won't be available anywhere else the first bonus episode the only one on there currently features more conversations with johnny marr recorded before joining and i settled down for the chat that you can hear in episode fifty one and it's quite good that one if i say so myself when i listen back to it i was pleased with the stuff that we recorded before hand me talking to johnny in his car when he pick me up from the station and then johnny giving mere tour of his new studio chatting to me about some of his guitars and the.

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