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Because here we are still dealing with it all these months later, and now you guys getting on this plane to Arizona, talking to Raheem Mostert. Of course, the outstanding 49 running back scored a touchdown and the wind over the Rams last Sunday heading down to Arizona. And that brings me to my next question right here. And that is this was brought up by some of the writers. Yesterday, I thought was a good point. It's pretty good, pretty good deal that you guys are going. If you have to go anywhere, you're going to a place with a turf with a field that is grass and his historically played fast, too. Now we're talking to one of the fastest guys in the NFL right here. So Is that something that at least you're seeing as a positive that this is a grass field that plays fast. Yeah, definitely, You know, e mean, it was just like, leave us. You know the field. The same with the grass is my desk does not seem pitiful, a difference, but, you know, we're going out here and you know we're looking forward to this challenges, ma'am, but we're looking forward to the opportunity here. You know, because it yourself when it comes to playing and playing ball up in that field. There's a very nice, you know, just being able to have a home and being able to play, uh, continue to seize it. Even though a lot of people have speculated that first that even we worked out, haven't we did that Two people can do little, but you know, I was trying to make sure everybody's safe. You know, you see by the giving and switched around itself, like today how seriously you want to take it, So you know it's hard, but you just gotta go out here and just get it done. Now, have you guys? I mean, we always ask you guys are focused on one day at a time, etcetera. Just give me the practice plan or whatever. But have you taken the 30,000 ft view on the playoff situation and how you guys are Currently one game behind the Buccaneers and the Cardinals in the loss column and that this thing is out there. Is that something you guys talk about? Uh, yeah, We re don't bless their. It's about the actual, you know, perspective of the game right now. Um, we just talked about how you know what we're gonna do this following week, and You know, I see that we look at it. Hey, look. It's do or die. You know, It's just one of those things. Brush say. We got to go out here and this is just We're just gonna try to be one of no. That's at the end of day to try to be one of no. Um each week and you know that each one years ago present itself to a new challenge, But we gotta do our bet. Talking to Raheem Mostert here on the Yuma guest line. Now he's getting on a plane today, heading down to Arizona kind of fortunate. That's a Monday night game because he gives you that extra day that sort of pack and get ready before installing the game plan on Thursday. How's the body? Raheem? I mean, in the bad news is you had to deal with the injuries this year. The good news is maybe that you're a little fresher. I don't know. I'm trying to spend positive here. Is that a case are your legs fresher? Are you still you know, concerned about the knee and the ankle? Oh, you know, later refresher, um, you know, actually felt better trying to get that game under my belt, You know, coming back from these injuries, um, being able to Go back out there and perform at our level. But my body feels great. You know, I'm like I said, I'm just not getting back into the routine of everything and the ankles holding up and the need is just doing just fine. It was just time to, you know, grow and continue to put good stuff out there on film. Yeah, For sure, And is this thing is just a little bit on that Ram game. Getting in the end zone was nice. It seemed like that. Did they kind of shift as the game went on to take away the run from you guys? Because I was thinking Oh, boy, We're gonna run a lot here, Did E no. Erin Donald the beast, but was there Seemed like they were stacking up to take away the run as the game went on, or am I wrong on them? No, I think that you know, they were just there are more focused on situation of all when it comes to you. No way had turnovers. They had those turnovers and, you know, just trying to trying to figure out how we can get the ball back in our possession. So that way we could go down there and try to finish. It came out anything what we were thinking. I'm just going back out there and trying to finish the game out. Then, after all those turnovers, we have no expecially would have my turn over. You know, it was a lack of what he would like having pressure on the ball and stuff like that. I didn't do my part, but I went out the next period and I was just ahead way. Got to make sure we get this thing done that we got a steal a game. I got to step up and I gotta you know, looking myself after the game and and Christine myself in the heart of myself, because when it comes to the situation, and then I just don't want to have the Um, you know, lose and be the reason why we lost, especially when I had that fumble late in the game, and they recovered it squarely before touchdown. So you know, it's all those little things mean that. You know, you try to think of when it comes the ball and Oh, yeah, I think that that's what they were thinking about his world situation with ball. That was That was a big game because you guys had the big lead. It looked great..

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