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Up with me? That's right. Welcome back, everybody. Jason and Alexis in the morning. Hey, good looking. What you got cooking are federally mandated food talk while while we wait while we wait. We're about four minutes away. From dawn's favorite moment of the year, punks a tawny Phil decides whether we're going to have more winter or more spring and dawn. I was watching the live feed during that commercial break, and I don't know if you know this. But they he has a new stump this year. Oh, my God. No Bad news. Some smell Lexie. That's what that's the joke he made. Did you watch that too? Yeah. You know what? I found the whole thing. Oddly uplifting, Heywood, not me of every single day. And he says at some point, I mean, it means something different this year. More more so than others. I feel Because of, you know pandemic. But he says At some point there will be a breaking point and the monotony will change. It will be changed and I was like, Oh, wow. And then look at how many guys and there's alloy. Did you see the slick editing they did with all the introducing all the people and who they were like the ice man, and then they like, throws the frame, and then they said Hunterson the hunter? Yes, just really cute. Well, All's I'll keep an eye on the feed. So, Lex, if I have to interrupt you, I apologize. But we mentioned this yesterday. They're doing live covert tests now on stage. Yeah. Oh, God. We'll see if Phil Phil test positive or negative to, um American Airlines. American Airlines is getting into the wine business, Lex. Yeah, they are because they have so much extra wine there now starting a delivery service, which is genius. I guess this will pump about 40 to 50 grand, which is Nothing compared to the number of flights being lost and alcohol now is banned for most cabins because of the spread of covert 19. So you can sign up for the American Airlines. Flagship Sellers Monthly subscription. If you'd like $99 a month? Yeah. Or you could buy single bottles as well. You could buy a three pack of champagne for $300. Discounted prices. Mm. No. Do you think I don't know? Because here's the deal. I some of that wine isn't A. I want to make sure it's a good deal because some of that wine is nasty s O. You know what I mean? It only takes good 35,000 ft. Exactly. Lex. It's like a change in which is quality Every time know that, wherever you know Only accept no on Lee acceptable at that elevation, But some of this wine you're on Lee drinking it because it's the on Lee thing available. I mean, that's be clear. That'll do pig. That'll do s so am I going to pay extra for American Airlines wine? I don't know. Well, the price and bottles for a single bottle 13 to $40. Okay, Lux, I don't arrange their don't interrupt you. I don't mean to interrupt you. This is Peter Jennings live of feed coverage of punks. A tawny Phil. They're removing him or they're knocking. Yes. So let's go live. I have the Okay? Or not. Out there taking him out. Your feet. Must be a little bit quicker than mine. Okay, He's there. Oh, God, he's out. He's out. Everybody. The ground Hog is out of his tree stump. They're now placing them on the red carpet. That's on top of the stump. There's a lot of hay in there. Yeah, Ladies and gentlemen. This year of Ceres. The great Oz of weather forecasting Punks and Tony fill the raising him up like Simba Pride rock now and you know what it's so much nicer for him because He doesn't have all the people to scare him, You.

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