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All right kevin so is glyphosate of deadly poison. Is it helping us preserve biodiversity. Yeah this is a really necessary article by graham read fern and it was written in the guardian a place which has written a lot of rather crackpot stuff on glyphosate stuff from erin brockovich that made claims that were just completely off off the radar not true But what's really interesting about about. Redfern's read ferns paper or his article is that he talks about the use of weed control as a tool of conservation. And you have invasive weeds all these Species that are threatening different ecosystems all over the world but particularly in his home country of australia and There's a lot of concerns that by taking away glyphosate. Which is what a lot of groups seek to do that. You're now opening up. The econ- the very sensitive ecosystems of australia to noxious weed invasion and no easy way to control and it's a really important Side of this argument that we really don't hear you know what's so interesting to me is that it really underscores that were in in life generally but in these with these agricultural issues. These aren't black or white. You know there. There's there's a spectrum if you will whatever decision you make is going to involve trade offs and it's it's ironic really because you have ostensibly environmental groups coming out against this weed killer and if anybody should be concerned about biodiversity them right so i. I don't know what to think of that. My cynical side says that they know that they don't care but at the same time maybe they just haven't thought through it the way You know someone more thoughtful commit like an ecologist would what do you think. Well i agree. And i think it's something that's even you know. This is a little bit tangential but they were building a big. They wanted to build a large solar farm right near my house here and they had a lot of pushback from environmental groups because it was going to be disrupting a natural area and also taking farmland out of agriculture and One of the compromises was. We'll let you do it if you don't use glyphosate and so this is really working very counter to their goal of protecting the environment. Because they think they're protecting it by limiting life sate. But now they're just gonna use a different herbicides. That'll have much much more impact and it's it it just goes to show how deep the roots of the fear campaigns have gone in really shaping. The environmentalists view a. What is a tool that can be used to promote environmental interests. They quotes an environmentalist. Her name's jan bremmer and it's an interesting story and it was great. 'cause they summarized all the evidence for why glyphosate probably doesn't cause cancer and then they quote this woman and she says but there's all these court cases and bears paying all this money. How can you ignore that evidence. And so i just wanna say as it has been said a million times already is that court..

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