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Up here in New York bar is down at Atlanta. And he's got a couple of things cooking for the game. Or, you know. No. I'm just waiting for. Gets a waffle house while of us. I was gonna do. I went to waffle house a couple of years ago for the first time, and I was just so excited. I was so excited and I walked up so disappointed. They're flat waffles, they're not even big thick, full waffles. They're they're flat waffles, like they came from nine hundred seventy three was it a chicken breast or was it something breaded, I didn't have the chicken and waffles. Hey. Got boiled eggs and grits. What the hell? I worked for the waffles. Just shouldn't get the chicken is supposed to be famous, chicken and waffles. And that's when you walk. Chicken waffle house awful house. You actually want a thinner and far be it for me to tell you. But you actually want a thinner WAFA when you're going for the chicken and waffles because it's a lot on the fork, and they don't call the Belgian this is like. This is like Bart how to play linebacker. This is far be it for me, which the idea of you wanna thinner waffle with anything kind of makes no sense to me. How do you not get the chicken? I mean, that's what you go. There. Anyone is well taken is a dinner meat. So you gotta you'll give away some of the breakfast aspect of the waffle. So that you can be able to get before it because what you want is to sweet in the hot mix together. So you have the salt, and then you have the sugar all kind of gives a balance the put the hot sauce on top. And then boom, they got to plead ignorant here because I have no idea that it was famous for chicken and waffles. I just knew there were famous apples. Yes. Well, it's a chicken and waffle our staff, the literal man, that's me. Listen, all I can tell you is I was disappointed because that waffle like eating a piece of toast. Waffle waffle cone with ice cream in it. Exactly. I don't want a nice thing. Now, we're talking all right? Three degrees outside. We're like. Yeah. Waffle cone milkshake. Will rule. Get more calls in here on the Nixon on the fact that just in the last little bit Walsh. Bob, dropping the Kristaps Porzingis meeting with Knicks management today expressing his concern over the direction of the organization, and whether or not what his role will be in the future, and he wants to be a winner with the Knicks. But just really what have wants to have more of an idea of what's going on? It was just so funny. The line of the franchise direction at an uncertainty that a culture is developing that will enable sustainable organizational success. I mean, honestly, what about the Knicks ever have made you think that they were an organization that would have sustained success. What have they shown you? I mean, it's not his fault. He was drafted to the next. They didn't have a choice. But honestly, what have you seen? What's their story about him talking to your soul born they hired physical? Wasn't there? Something about that about trying to get a feel, and and maybe your soul and him. It worked out their issues. I think they did. I mean, I even Fidel said that, but I think it was one of those cooler heads prevailed. I mean, you had the the line that came out of there that was just priceless which was Fidel saying about this all I wanted him to be LeBron James and he wanted me to be Gregg Popovich. Well, neither neither was a case. Bill is in brick Bill. What's going on? Thank you guys were always entertaining. I'm delivering mail all day in the cold. Oh, God bless you. Can you guys work your ass you needed Nobel peace prize? Wow. Guys. I'm a I'm a fan. I'm forty nine forty eight years old. I'm a fan way back when the Celtics fan with Dr J Larry Bird, magic does anybody. Not does somebody have a problem with Brian James totally making a mockery league. No matter where he goes grabbing his friends like I used to when pick up games and has very park a basketball courts, just waiting for your friends, you get over to Kansas went on his own like bird. And magic and Jordan. They had no teams. It's a. The act like Bill Russell I played with anybody. I mean, that's just not true. Andy. I feel like. What are you want? Lebron to do. Right. You saw the finals the not the first finals that he ever played in when he was at the Cavaliers they end up getting swept by the San Antonio Spurs. I mean, there was a guy on that team whose name was I renewable. I think he's doing my taxes. Who the hell are these guys, and then what would della yoga, well that they actually they won that one with Della Vedova, but then when Kyrie Irving breaks his kneecap when they're when LeBron goes back to Cleveland, they make it back to the finals again like what what do you want? Let me ask. If if Jordan was playing now, and he had all those issues with management that he had with Jerry Krause, Jerry Reinsdorf. Do you think Jordan wouldn't be doing the same things that LeBron did I think Jordan do a lot of things he held? He held them hostage. A lot for one year. Remember, join Jordan because make enough for the money. He wanted thirty five million one year twenty five million one year twenty five million a year. He did it. I three years in a row to make a four. But you know, when you go back to how basketball used to be in house sports used to be before free agency player able to move in decide where they wanted to go these organizations control them. That's why you had those dynasties. That's what he had the seventy star still is because nobody could ever get outside of a contract. And it took Rivas uncle to sit out a year. And I believe Carolina to be able to to get free agency for for God's be able to move know. That's why you have more parody. It can be Oklahoma one year if not it would be just the same big markets because they always had. The most money they're able to get the most players, and then they lock them in the long term contracts and guys don't have flexibility to move in plain view, next Lee, what's going on first of all thanks so much for taking my call Maggie a huge fan 'cause you WR GW days. Wow. Oh, lee. Oughta throw that out to you about a Knicks related question. And and it's a little bit of history here. So there's been one I would say the two thousand season. In the Knicks have an awful, obviously, there's been one constant it's not the management. It's not the players. We know what it is. We we know what it is. And what we are. I guess my question, you know, trying to give me the Rangers games too. Hurricanes. Go see the Knicks. What he's gonna say. And and everyone's talking about how the management know with with coaches, why nobody pointing to the fact that this is an ownership that just can't get things together. I'm a player, I'm a free agent. I don't wanna come play with this guy. You can't change your former player actually might wanna go play for the guy because I know I'm gonna get overpaid. And I know it's going to be an atmosphere. That's. We may not win. But I'm going to be able to do what I want to do for the most part. To sit this one out. Just say this argument with the Mets and the wilpon guys. Not selling the own. But but let's not make a mistake here that ownership and front office. That's a connection, right? Because look at how loyalty has been rewarded at Madison Square Garden. So and you can say that's right overall. But you gotta understand like how to Steve mills Sarah, keep surviving. They have Scott Perry. Thomas Thomas, another one, they have Scott Perry now, and I wouldn't be surprised like this is, you know, this whole idea about Kevin Durant coming to New York is been sort of fueled. Because the fact that his agent is this massive Knicks fan, and I'm curious if they would offer the agent job like you're seeing lawn Bab wasn't Adrian Brodie, rob Pelinka at L A was Kobe Bryant's agent. He's now running the team along with Magic Johnson. There've been a lot of guys aren't tell them was like running the pistons there are agents now who want to get into banishment side. And I, you know, the one that's the one thing that the Knicks are always willing to give is jobs. We will update the poll here for you real quick go to at WFAN we've began the show today talking about the jets and the giants and the story from the daily news today that the jets are probably not going to break the Bank quote for bell. So our bowl is should they break. The Bank on Libyan bell, go at WFAN two votes. So far sixty two percent say no, which I am surprised at because that has not been the sentiment among the caller, so far let us hit with Stephen Smith counter all over the map on these calls. Let's go Stevie. What are you got bud? Hey, guys, I doing a great job harkening back to the whole passionate thing with the the NFC championship game. And and piggybacking off a little bit of Fidel comments yesterday. How doesn't want to open up the door with non penalty review? And there wasn't a flag soda things about that. Iran. Already a precedent? Check for flags being thrown and picks up on review. For instance, if the quarterback is over the line of scrimmage they can throw a flag or pick up a flag or if the court the quarterback in a lot of the tackle box. They could throw a flag or pick up a flag on replaced. So is that replay? It's not really play on. Yeah. On the grounding thing. That's that's after a discussion. Sometimes it has to be revealed. All right. You know, we talk about the twelve men on the field when they run on that day. Yeah. A coach has a challenge that right, right? Or? Yeah. We've seen that before we saw that with the jets Packers game a few weeks ago when Aaron Rodgers was screaming and yelling because he took that snap quick. And it would have been a holding penalty against the Packers at negated a touchdown. But instead there was a twelfth man on the field for the defense. What I'm really curious about. I've ever that. What I'm really curious about is something they address yesterday in the press conference, which is how our team's going to feel about when you don't throw a flag as one thing when you throw the flag. And and then if it's a review call go ahead and review, but what about when you dealt there will flag like what happened with the no DPI and the NFC championship game. Goodell said the teams don't have an appetite for that. I feel like was the quote. Yeah. Well, I'm sure that the appetite started to get worked up a little bit after Sunday. I would think that it was a really big appetite appetite he'd go to the waffle house, and they would get the damn chicken. On my Chris car, again, pleading is okay, I know myself at that makes me worried for you because this is your lane. So I go to burger world and asked if what chicken sandwich disrespect. No, it's not. I'm gonna I'm gonna bring you so bad. Can I can I end this conversation with one of our celebrity fans and listeners air Sango. Of course, you guys know him his former had a Letterman had writer now, the animated Lyle and Caroline show on FOX. And Lisa Kudrow sends me this. And this is someone who who who loves you Carlin after carlin's misunderstanding of how to eat at waffle house. I think you embark need to be questioning the direction and pro and program and the culture within our show. Shakin three question. Mark seriously Carlin, your your our fearless leader here. You can't be led us down. I understand that. Okay. I was unaware of any such rule natural founded moment cartilage cold, if that's the case, a chicken and waffles house. That's all he does too much to put on a down t-shirt waffle house..

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