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All of my information is in the show. Also, all over social media except Facebook by Steph Puccio, S T H f you see CIO that includes g mail for my Email, Twitter, Instagram, tumbler, and Lincoln. So I look forward to hearing from you. Which isn't actually commonly used language either the everyday language that people use I'm so so dated as far as like when I left you on term basis like something when I was teaching at university in the US, and I'd say something, and my my nineteen year old American students would look at me like who said that any more. But I I do. Teach. That's silly ten years ago. And I'm like, yeah. Let make sense about the last time. I went in the US. Exactly. That's the fascinating thing about how language it erodes than it grows, and it changes, and it shifts like on some level. I think because I really like listening to other podcasts. And I think okay, I'm probably going to get some of the current flying in there. But now punk has have gotten so polished on some level. Like the level of language in casts has gone up. So it's not even like I'm getting that everyday slang either. So. Capture that the that language anymore. But then again, I don't like you. I don't really see myself going back to I don't know if I'll stay in China very long, but I don't see myself going back to the US anytime soon. So why do I need to? Yeah. Challenging installing. Yeah. I do know a bunch of folks that are doing there's like podcasting is starting to become a thing in China, and and podcast in Chinese are starting to become more popular. And my initial goal was reading because that I can take with me anywhere. I can look at it online. I can I'm much more comfortable writing than speaking. Anyway. So I could chat with people online by typing it in that kind of thing. But once I heard about podcasts taking off in Chinese. I was like, oh, no now I have to add a listening goal because that sounds like a really cool medium to include in my future listening. So. Yeah. Going back to reading do you ever? Find yourself reading the same thing in both languages like the same book or the same. Actually, that's one method. I didn't mention as I really liked to read children's books and Chinese. I have a collection of probably one hundred children's books and many of them are books that I read as a child and some of them are totally in Chinese. Some of them are half like one page is English. And and the next pages. Chinese or else has the English are may have the Chinese under the English. So I have a bunch of bilingual books. Yeah. Definitely. Cool. How did you start doing that? Like, what gave you the inspiration for that? What I might have thought. I I can't remember exactly when that started. But I probably thought to myself, you know, as a child, what did you do to learn you read books a lot with your parents? I told you that story. So I probably knew I at some point needed to get some Chinese children's books. But what happened is actually one day? I was in a Chinese a big Chinese market, and of all things there was a huge table there that day piled high with children's books out of the blue. This is a place. I gotta get vegetables a huge open-air vegetable market. I mean, they have some other things, but you know, how China is sometimes the most random things pop up..

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