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That's always been the one thing and highlights courtesy, NBC Sports Chicago The whole thing, Tyler Rocky, Nice job on the montage. The one thing Well, there's two things you can figure out through there. One is that they really have the broadcaster fun. Adam means great and, uh Love Stacy because Stacy will always point out and unfortunately for Stacy every time he points out of mistaking it, usually because they can't figure out how to play defense. They don't get out in time. They get out to fire. They don't do something. They're not switching. They're doing this but the broadcaster Great cause Adama mean was asking questions throughout the entire game last night, Brian asking, you know Stacy about, you know, switches, And that's which is I guess the bulls are one of the teams of general what he said that they switch Mork. That any team in the NBA I can't remember now is either more or less, but it was something it stays. He was great to stay. She was explaining the whole thing and the broadcaster Great, but you can't turn the ball over and what Zach Levine said There is exactly right. I mean, you can't Come in, sit down and say OK, we had a 22 point lead. We got to do better. No. Well, he said he said, we straight up full folded, he said, that's it. Basically, you know, don't don't try to feed me any excuses. So it's great that he's aware you're self aware and interesting. The Billy Donovan in the postgame talked about Hey, you know these guys? Late in games against last year before Billy got here, and it was great in the first half the Billy ball, the ball's moving, they're doing what they're supposed to do, switching making shots that they had. But when a young team doesn't know how to win And they don't know how to close games out. It's a dip. You know it's a difficulty and he said these are the guys. Same same things they dealt with last year. They've dealt with us for a while. And he said What 12 13 games into It is a coach. You feel bad. You want to do more to help, but I've got to try and find some different ways to help them as a group. Is. I don't know if it's a group mentality that we got this right now. They're not good enough to say we got no, never And and Donovan did say after the game, and this comes up alive, talked about having to change that losing culture. This has been kind of You know something These guys have dealt with, you know, they dealt with this for a while. I'm you know, whatever is 12 13 games into it with them. They've dealt with this for a while. Having situations like this, and you know, as a coach, you feel bad. You want to be able to do more to help On guy. I've got to try to find some different ways to try to help them as a group. You know, we switched up a lot of different things offensively and, you know, I thought It was opportunities in certain situations that we didn't make the right Reed. We didn't make the right play. We didn't take the ball to the right angle. The screen like a lot of it was just, you know, It's just like there is no reason and And then we got up against the clock to your point, and we're relying on, you know, home run shots that, you know, you know, Zac's last shot goes in and you know you walk out of here and you don't even think about it, but We're gonna have to keep working in practices when we get a chance in film sessions to try toe, get them to understand what happens. This is to me is It is really, really hard to win this league. If you don't do three things and you have to win three battles if you don't win the free throw battle, the rebounding battle of turnover battle. It's really, really difficult and for us we've gotten destroyed and the turnover battle the whole entire year, and until that gets resolved, it's gonna be hard for us to really compete. We'll compete. It's gonna be hard for us to win unless we can. Really execute close out games generate good shots, And we did that in the first half, and we do it for periods of time in the game. We just don't sustain it for long enough period. Hey, brought it up to they shot 60 67% from the free throw line made 16. I'm sorry they shot 72% 18 of 25 yesterday. Levin was five for nine. You just eat the line. You've got to make your they're called free throws. I mean, if if one or two guys and we can make all the free throws, everybody should be able to. It's really simple. What Billy Donovan said. They're too is we didn't make the right. Reed didn't make the right decision. It's between the years, right? It's focus. It Z keeping your mind to the task at hand. It's one thing If you're playing the Lakers, LeBron's going off and you can't doing this stop because you're just the teller margin is so great that The team with all the talent decided to get the business and they just what the floor with you because they're capable of doing that. That's not the local Oklahoma City thunder at this point, right? So when you have a team like that down and you, you Pretty much just have to put the finishing touches on it. It would have been interesting. Billy studio. Zack makes that last shot. You only think about it. Well, I don't know that. You really I think I take the loss instead. Because I want the guys to feel exactly being sounded like you thought I wanted them when Billy Donald and gets him on the practice for next time. To coach him up. I want them being ticked off or whatever. If you won the game, you might have an element on that team. Some guys without what's the big deal with it. We find a way right? We gave it up with coughed it up. We turned the ball over all those times. We found a way, so maybe it's better that you gave up a win for team not going to the playoffs in order to have the old teachable moment, right coaching moment. We'll see. Yeah, well, see, they play the Mavs. Tomorrow Colors. Hang in there. 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