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It's important to me an i myself. I'm gonna go get that and saying that to ourselves more than anyone else is. What will get us into those spaces where we stop questioning. Is it okay for me to want this right bright. And i do a lot of work with people on procrastination and procrastination. Some of it is back to your point earlier about make plans to make progress. I think we procrastinate when we don't quite know what to do and we're not sure the path forward when there's ambiguity. So clarity is really important. But then the next element really is procrastination. Because we're afraid we can't do it. We're just afraid we'd just don't have what it takes to do it and do you. Find people are progressing out of fear of failure or a fear of success. Because i think it's kind of like an equal balance half the time he just like. What are you really like putting off here. I think i see more fear of failure. That tends to be more what i see. But i think fear of successes nebulous because it's harder to name. What exactly afraid of success. What does that look like for you. Well so even thinking about what. An art project is going to look like at the end. I'm like oh it has to be this in my brain and then i do it and it looks different. Did i fail or did i succeed in a different way and i think that's something that a lot of a lot of us actually have to think about like. Did i really fail this or did i just do something else really well and i don't think we give ourselves enough credit for i. Did this absolutely different thing really really well. Because i kept doing something. That's a fear of success. Because you have to succeed in a certain way and anything else. If you're really really really dislike zeroed in out one little nebulous thing all the other things just disappear and are worthless all of a sudden and refocusing on. Oh what.

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