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Horses to that race and I think this is just another thing. That's really unhelpful. For Southern California raising to take away three grade ones from them at a time when they really don't need that they need More attention and more money and more prestige for their races so they can get their get their reputation bill back up so obviously no hope for them. it's very stupid that the Santa Anita Sprint Championship and Bosberg were both downgraded goes I think this year alone kind of proves how quality the the race can be on then. Obviously that's going to deteriorate from it. I don't know how much though because as of this point. Those are two major prepped for the Breeders Cup that great ones In the third one would have to be the Phoenix taints at keeneland which is great you so at this point all all those races are great. Choose now all the major breeders cup. Preparation is our grade twos on so I don't know how much of a factor that'll happen deteriorating field quality but it's definitely a a negative for the sport that they take away these these labels of great one great ones for these races. Yeah I think that's a good point to bring up because the Breeders Cup The Breeders Cup Challenge Series labeled on those racist specifically the Santa Anita Sprint Championship. And the Vosper. That definitely does eight. Those two races. I do WANNA mention He was talking about the quality of horses that come through this field up. These are the the last five winners which some people were saying on on twitter. You got horses. You Got Bello Fina. Obviously this year midnight last year paradise was in two thousand seventeen song or two thousand sixteen. Two Thousand Fifteen stellar wind beholder in two thousand fourteen. You mentioned also two thousand. Eleven turbulent descent. A Horse that went on to win a bunch of great ones in the year. Two thousand eleven so that seven horses out of the ten winners from the SANTITA OAKS THIS DECADE. That all went on to have some forms of success in their two year. Old Camp or excuse me in their three-year-old year. So and I definitely at the point that Erick makes the field size is one thing. But you and I know. The graded stakes committee has submitted some factors as to why they downgraded it and you know the overall quality of the race but you know the winners of the race should be something that is taken into account and also the other thing is. I don't WanNa to throw other races onto the boss either but you know there's certain races like the Santa Handicap. Someone brought up is a race. That definitely doesn't get the quality of forces that it used to and you know kind of in some years can feel like a grade two race and you know the history behind that race has made the greatest states committee less enthusiastic about downgrading that race but You know so. The exception goes there I under I see it from both ways. I understand that they have the criteria that they have to meet. And you know obviously the sanity to oaks was the weakest of the of some of the top three road races. Now obviously. That's looking at racist past the Kentucky Oaks all those races that it lags behind with the exception of actually never mind. It doesn't like it is the most successful the Walker handcock. Put some stuff out on twitter. All if you WANNA go check out his twitter of why it was downgraded. It is the most successful of the triple crown prep races and I I don't like that it was downgraded but I understand that there are standards to live up but at the same time I can understand something and still not like it and I think the point Erick brings up his great that. This doesn't help California at all you know. We've all known the field size. It's been well documented that the fact that the field sizes are down. And you know in time in California needs something This isn't a time to kind of take something away from California when they need as much going for them as they can possibly have That's really about it. You know the Vosper that's top sprint race on the east coast. I don't understand why that's being downgraded you know the the Alan Alfred Vanderbilt. Excuse me up mixing up that with the Allen Jerkins that's a great one at Saratoga. That's not up Breeders Cup race up now. I know the forego. That's not Breeders Cup race either. The vase that's Breeders Cup challenge race so And it's it's another one of the historic races but it's not as historic is some of the other ones so that one getting downgraded And also getting downgraded the Santa Anita are Santa Sprint Championship off of the two insane performances by a pair of really nice horses chance lot Omaha Beach and imperial hinton forensic fire respectively between those two races. You know that enough could weigh. Should in my opinion way the decision but regardless I understand that there are standards that they have to they have to meet but I can understand the standards and not like something so. That's the way that I feel about that. I don't know I'll pose the question you nothing really jumps out at me. Do you think there's anything that should have been upgraded. That wasn't no. I think you know we've obviously dealt with the downs major. Downgrades where the wood memorial in the the BLUEGRASS in the last couple of years in Does kind of at times has.

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