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As background levels of privilege or access institution, but fundamentally we know what's right and wrong, and we've become very close friends, so he someone who, absolutely in her words, he was a person who was very intentionally recognizing that like as a white person he could put his body on the line in a way that other people may be couldn't and in her view. That's what he did that day. So there's this awful and just be clear. Scott Williams who was shot. He seems to be okay. He's recovering, but meanwhile what is happening with the statue? Yeah, so they did not have a lot of success with that pick, axe and rope. The statue was still there at the end of the night, but the next morning. Kinda similar to what happened in all call day, the government decided that in order to avoid further conflict. They would just take it down themselves so now you've got all the settlers and a couple Spanish soldiers, and then just a little did it in the concrete where on Jatta used to be. And, so in the middle of this one of the things that I started to get tweeted about was the foot shows up. Yeah. So if you recall from the story, the original nowadays statue from up North had its foot cutoff. There's activists that had it been keeping it hidden, and it shows up. So, what was that like? Yeah, this was a moment that you know. I did not see in the live streams and the videos that night I only realized this later. I think when I saw the photograph taken by Simone Romero a New York Times reporter. That was kind of amazing image where. In front of Tigray Park. You saw this black man holding the stolen foot above his head. Is Yeah just kind of like an incredible gesture. To realize that guy was a Brian Hard groove member of public enemy Brian. Hargrove Lea Yorker musician. People like to call me an activist. Most people from my time with a public enemy. That's amazing, and what is his connection? Yea, it will, so it turns out that Brian Hargrove moved to Santa Fe, and his wife and daughter are directly connected to the Pueblos New Mexico his wife's father's from that the suitcase Pueblo, but he kind of just got brought into this fairly recently, he was approached by some activists. He didn't want to give a lot of specifics. Probably won't be a surprise, but the people who are sort of caretakers of the foot asked him if he'd be willing to be part of this protest at jumped right on it, and all his asked to do is come down to the park in an old town to support that rally and to me it was a perfect opportunity to show a unity between black Americans and they've Americans that we can't afford to not see that we have to see that unity, and you know black people in America having gained the focus since this murder of George Floyd, but there are other groups that need the black lives matter movement to succeed because they're not being from and they need. Movement to succeed to give them a better shot to so he and other activists are making this explicit connection between the protest happened across the country. The black lives matter protests, and then also what's happening locally in New Mexico? It's really remarkable to see that that union. Yeah, and I would say everyone. I talked to seize this. They saw these protests as an extension of the Black Lives Matter Protests Ryan definitely saw them as deeply connected as focusing on the same basic lying issues, the same issue of own oppressed people being forced to accept a continued. Oppression and so Brian He talked about how he he showed up at the protest kind of quietly scoping things out when it was still just a prayer vigil, and then at some point at the right moment. Someone gets the foot out. Of the car and sort of orchestrates this moment for him where he can know, take it up and just. Hold it over his head in front of the whole crowd, but at least a few significant onlookers and someone who could snap a photo. And Brian described just what it was like to hold back foot above his head in that moment what I felt. I was I was doing these protests. At. Twenty years old now. My daughter is doing it nineteen. and. This is absurd. That's what I felt. that. She has to do this now. And I realized what my parents vote when I had to do it. So that crossed my mind, I was holding it. It's like wins. Is GonNA end? That's the question right for all of these protests. When's IT GONNA end and is it? Is this same fight can keep being handed down from one generation to the next, and the this country is never done things easy way. It's always done things difficult way. And so now he's got to deal with multiple issues at once when it could have dealt with each one of them when the time was right, although they all distant at the same time, because this country was built. Some blood of the people that are that are now. Protesting. But had a couple of centuries to deal with them. We've never dealt with it effectively. Only to the degree of the nation's comfort. Now countries forced to reckon and in Albuquerque New Mexico that reckoning is really just beginning not only as far as statues that to. They've already brought down the Diego demarcus statue. In Santa Fe, there's talk of other monuments that might come down, but for the activist, the particularly that kind of younger group of activists. They see this as so much bigger than statues I was talking to Autumn Chaconne. you know I asked if down. The statue was a success and that's that's not what she's after she wants to like. Force that institutions, the Albuquerque, museum, the city of Albuquerque Albuquerque Police Department to really deeply question and root out their own systemic racism, are we? We would like all Civic Chutian in the city of Albuquerque I. Mean True The nation throughout the world for start within the city to look at how. They have structural flaws that directly caused economic health disparities within people of color that there're institutional slung that make it hard for people of Color to get a job there to be treated equal to be paid fairly I mean this is complex and were we're seeking actual accountability rather than band-aid solutions, so own Yati may maybe gone, but from the perspective of these activists like they have not won the battle. This is just the tiniest first step. Yeah speaking of first steps. Does Brian Still Foot. So Brian he does not still have the foot. In fact, he says he does not even know where it is. I have no idea. It's not in my possession and I don't even know the person has so. I had no idea as the best answer I can give you. have no idea. Maybe they'll call me to show up with it somewhere else. I don't know, but if that happens I'll call you. 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