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The foil because he was the opposite. I don't think leaning into the things that Connor has already done or is continuing to try to do is the way to to get that popularity and continue that. I think he just needs to be who he is continued, dominating, lightweight face the next comer dominate them, say where my challenges I've nobody left. I'm just destroying these guys and be that and be that that guy what a weird week in the last week, like the whole DC Lewis thing happening poor d. as gets canceled, you wanna Valentinas back on Eubanks is pissed off at the world including me and now fighting on the card card against Roxanne. Montazeri hubby. Habib issues and ultimate them. So if you fire my guy, I'm out yet the fifty cent thing beeps with Ladimir Putin. Now, Dylan Dana's Lobov's thing on the card against Michael Johnson of all people. It's just, I don't know, just feels like the fallout Connors, like parading around town with his whiskey, throwing footballs in the middle of Cowboys stadium. It just was a weird week. I don't know how to describe it very weird week, and it's also interesting how the entire fallout is kind of revolving around the sport. Meanwhile, Connor is off doing what he wants to do, not even giving, you know. Care in the world and loses better than Connor. Now he just he's just doing his thing and laughing at all, doesn't need, doesn't need to get to get bogged down in the the minute that is happening. Then we may new cycle hanging out with Drake at the concert hanging out in the media. And and Jerry Jones with a huge smile on his face. Why not? It's all good deal. Danis. The most hated man in the sport..

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