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Now is congressman Brenda Lawrence of Michigan and congresswoman I can tell you that when you said that my my entire text messages became filled with text about you. You were the first of several black women and women of color on that day is to make a comment about it. So let me just go through this for a second MS Patton. Could you what time did you guys receive the opening statements from Michael what time were you as a congress person aware of what he was going to say it was sent to us in the evening of the day before. So we had it for over eight hours. So if one of the members of the congress on the other side, if one of the Republicans have Mr. medals had wanted to call Lynn patent as a witness, even if it wasn't in that hearing but wanted to call her as a rebuttal witness to Michael Cohen could they not have done that. And in your time in congress had you ever seen a physical demonstration like that. Where a person's body is used and words put in their mouth by another member. As a form of rebuttal joy, first of all thank you for having. Right in sorry. I am. So so proud of you. But I just want to say this. I never in my lifetime seen a human being used as a prop. If you if you looked around the hearing that day, they were poster boards all over the place with saying liar, liar pants on fire, all this stuff. But there is a process. He broke house rules by bringing a non house member or ploy onto the podium in the first place, and the Adesina and the ignorance to think that you could prop up a person. And then the validation she must really be black fathers from Alabama. I mean, I don't I don't know on what level that that was considered a good idea. Yeah. Who normally sits on the day is behind you guys. When you always see these people behind normally sits there, that's all staff. That's only. The staff members of the house employment staff have you ever seen a member of the executive branch seated there? So I just want to I'm asking those questions just to establish just how unusual it was even as somebody who watches congressional hearings. It was unusual. Have you had any conversation with Mr. meadows about what he did? Mr. medals has not reached out to me. After my statement. I did look at him and tell him I was very disappointed him. And he, and I who have a very very fluid relationship because he knows I will confront him on issues that we disagree on. But we have always been respectful to each other. And I just don't for the life of me. How did you think? This was the right thing to do. You broke house rules number one. Secondly, how did you know? All the flashbacks of stereotypes. I have a black friend. Oh, look, I can't be racist. Because look one of my employees. He cleans he cleans my house. He's black. I mean, it was just so outrageous. Yeah. I think the much of the country agreed with you, and I guess in closing. Michael Collins testimony Republicans tried to assail it as being all lies because he is a known liar handed live to the members of congress, and this demonstration with Lynn, Pat, and was supposed to be a part of that taking in Michael Cohen testimony on Donald Trump's racial attitudes. And in in total. Did you find him credible? I've found him credible because you know, what he never walked back or try to change your mind about him being a convicted criminal from him being a liar. He he owned it. He said I have nothing to lose. And that you know, what I want to cleanse myself, and these are facts, so I will tell people I'm not in love with this Cohen. But I wanted to hear what a person who had ten years in the bubble with Donald Trump, and we have all these questions could he share light on some issues, and he did and the fact that he's he set through. That hearing and was very very convincing. But I tell people broken clock is is correct. Yeah. Sometimes day. There you go probably go who do you want to hear from next who would you like to call next?.

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